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Summer Organization Inspiration: 15 Gorgeous Closets & Organizers

Now that spring cleaning is out of the way, it’s time to think about getting your closets organized! Closets so often are where all of our clutter ends up. They become a home for anything that doesn’t have a place in another room, and before you know it, you have one big pile of clothes, sheets, towels, shoes and knick-knacks. For many people closets can be cluttered and stress-inducing. The good news is it does not have to be this way. Yours can be a beautiful, organized and stress-free place. A space where you can find all the items in your wardrobe quickly and have them easily accessible when you need them.

Need some inspiration? Here are 15 gorgeous closets and organizers to inspire your summer organization.

1. Custom Closet Cabinetry

Installing cabinetry in your closets is a great way to get them organized. Make sure you think through your unique needs first. Have lots of shoes? Lots of suits? Let your specific needs shape what you install.

Closets don’t just have to be functional and organized – they can be beautiful too! This closet has beautiful cabinets in a high gloss Sienna Teak woodgrain complemented with soft ivory tones. Special features include full height vertical pull-outs, flip-up vanity and angled surface-mount LED lighting.

This custom closet was built with a man in mind – simple and straightforward with lots of space for suits and button-ups. Shoes are visible on the shelves and ties are easily accessible with a slide out rack. There is also a convenient tack board above the bureau which could also be a mirror.

Create a multi-purpose space that has functional storage for cosmetics, handbags and other collectibles. In addition to a sitting room area where you can put on makeup and get ready for the day. Each item is organized, has its own place, is easily accessible and within reach.

Closets for the kids can be a challenge. Use smaller clothes to your advantage with multiple levels of hanging and smaller cubbies to store shoes. Pull-down rods are adjustable and help in maximizing the vertical closet space.

2. Must-Have Mudrooms

Mudrooms are typically the first room you walk into when you get home, which means they’re where you unload your shoes, jackets, bags and other gear. They can quickly become a hot mess of boots and clothes strewn all over the floor if you don’t set up an effective organization system where each item has its own place and can be easily returned to the proper location.

Find an organizational piece that fits all of your needs in the space you have. This mudroom covers all the bases with a bench, storage for shoes, hooks for jackets and bags, plus cubbies and cabinets for hats and other miscellaneous items.

For the family with lots of activities going on – extra bins and hooks for sports equipment keep everything organized and in one place.

Even if you have lots of people living under one roof, a properly designed mudroom can help keep everyone’s belongings organized and accessible. Give each member a designated area for their belongings. Customized shelves can store shoes and hooks can hold bags, coats and jackets.

3. Awesome Organizers

Sometimes all it takes to get organized is getting creative with the space that you have. It’s easy to daydream about having a certain amount of space or a particular room layout, but there is always an opportunity to take what you already have and make it spectacular.

For the shoe lovers out there – this custom-built shoe organizer makes sure you have plenty of room for all of your footwear, without sacrificing precious floor space.

Put an end to the tangled mess of bracelets and necklaces by converting one of your cabinets into a jewelry organizer. Velvet lined jewelry inserts keep a substantial collection completely organized. Locks on the individual cabinets will house items safely and securely.

Short on space? Multi-functional organizers, like this bench that doubles as a storage chest, are great ways to maximize the space you do have.

Hide-away elements like this tilting hamper help you keep everything in the right place and out of your way. You can even have two to separate baskets for better laundry organization.

4. No Closet? No Problem!

If you are short on closets in your house, don’t worry! There are still organizational solutions for you. Installing a great wardrobe closet can give you just as much functionality as a closet, without having to remodel your bedroom. All you need is a wall. Wardrobes can even be customized with all of the same elements as a standard walk-in or reach-in closet – all of the same styles and finishes are available.

Turn a corner of your bedroom into a much-needed closet with a custom wardrobe that caters to your needs. This one gives you all the hanging space you need plus room for your folded apparel and accessories.

No coat closet? No problem! Keep all of your outerwear, for both winter and summer, in one place with a custom wardrobe. Add some shelves to one side to store gloves, scarves, hats and more!

Have a uniquely shaped space? Get creative and use it to your advantage! This wardrobe takes advantage of the angled ceiling by tucking in storage for suit jackets and gradually stepping up the height of the shelf unit with the ceiling height.

This custom wardrobe keeps it simple but elegant with beautiful accent doors on the sides, and is built to fit perfectly into a nook in your bedroom.

We hope these closets and organizers will inspire you as you organize your home this summer! Our Designers at The Closet Works can help you create gorgeous, functional closets and organizers that you will be excited to come home to.

Schedule a free design consultation today and win the battle with clutter in your home!

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