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By: Closet Works Inc. on June 21st, 2016

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Summer Organization Inspiration: 7 Dreamy Home Offices

Working from home has many advantages: your commute is about 10 seconds, you can work in your PJs, and you don’t have to deal with the distractions of being in a big office with lots of other people around (not to mention tax deductions!). Whether you are working remotely or running a business, your home office doesn’t have to be just an old desk covered with loose papers and sticky notes.

Spending the time and resources to design and organize your home office can take it from a loose paper repository to an efficient and beautiful workspace; from a place that you avoid to a space that you are excited about.

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Here are 7 dreamy home offices that will inspire your home office organization this summer.

1. Client Central

Home office with desk, chairs and custom cabinetsCustom buikt cabinet for home office with open shelving and cabinets drawers for organization

Need a space that you can host client meetings? This home office is optimized for hosting meetings and presentations with extra seating and a mounted TV. The setup allows for video conferencing as well as presenting slideshows or videos. The sleek and modern design gives the office a professional but comfortable look that is perfect for bringing in potential clients or partners.

2. Tackboard Beauty

Workspace with drawer and cabinetsWhite red office with covered cork board backsplash

Don’t have a lot of space in your home office? This simple corner workspace has plenty of drawers and cabinets to keep you organized, without taking up a lot of room. Brighten up your office with a covered cork board backsplash to tack up reminders, pictures and important information. This makes the space your own without having to take the time to paint or decorate the walls!

3. Office Nook

Light wood desk home office cubicleLight wood desk with open shelving and cabinet storage

Maybe you don’t have an extra room in your house for an office - don’t worry! With a custom desk, you can turn a small area in another room into your home office nook. This desk give you lots of shelf and drawer space, as well as plenty of room for your computer setup. By building it into a pre-existing alcove in the room you can save even more space and be tucked away from whatever other functionality the room has.

4. Productivity Paradise

Black White Office Summer Organization ParadiseBlack White Office With Custom Desk, Cabinets, Shelves and Cubbies

The most important thing to remember when designing and organizing your home office is to think through your specific needs. This will help you lay out your workspace for maximum productivity and efficiency. This custom office has lots of desk space for printers and other office equipment to be readily accessible as you work. Using a textured wallpaper adds a personalized touch to make your office feel like home.

5. Coworking Caves (Part 1)

Light wood desk and summer organization inspiration coworking cavesCustom built light wood desk and cabinets in home office area

If you have a business partner, intern or spouse who needs a place to work with you, consider a back-to-back desk set up to organize your office. With each desk in it’s own corner you have less distractions and plenty of wall space for that cork board backsplash we mentioned earlier!

6. Coworking Caves (Part 2)

Summer organization inspiration office space for two with middle divider and glass inserts

Another option for home offices for multiple people is a desk with a divider. This custom desk combines functionality and style with a frosted leaf-pattern divider between desks. This way you have privacy but can still peek over to ask a question and pass files back and forth easily.

7. Home Office / Guest Room Combos

Summer Organization Inspiration Murphy Bed Office ClosedSummer Organization Inspiration Murphy Bed Office Open

Many home offices double as guest rooms for visiting family and friends. It can be difficult to fit everything you need into one room. But there’s a solution! Enter: The Murphy Bed. Murphy beds are a great solution for rooms that have limited space but need lots of functionality. This one hides a real mattress right in a cabinet and takes almost no time to get set up, so you don’t have to make your guests stay on an air mattress or futon, and you don’t have to deal with a bed on the floor of your office!

Home offices can serve many purposes. The key is to make sure yours is serving the unique purposes that you need it to. One of the best ways to do this is to go custom with a home office design that is catered to your specific needs. Our designers at The Closet Works can help you create a beautiful, functional home office that will make you excited to get back in there Monday morning! Schedule a free design consultation today.


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