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Organize Your Gear | Summer Storage Options

Summer is in full swing! With warm and sunny days to enjoy and vacations to plan, summer always seems so busy. There’s no time to waste before the leaves start falling. 

That’s why having streamlined and easy access to your summer gear is crucial in the second half of summer. Fortunately, with our storage solutions, your kayaks and camping gear won’t just sit near your garage door waiting for your next adventure. 

Garage with metal cabinets and Slatwall System

Step One: Clear Out Old Items

The best way to start this process isn’t by rushing to gather all of your summer gear, but by identifying and sorting what you don’t need. Clearing out unused items is a great way to create a clearer path to what you will actually reach for this summer. 

When it comes to sorting areas in your home, we always suggest making three piles—one for items to keep, one for items to donate, and one for items that are beyond saving and should be thrown out. This process will give you more space to store what’s important! 

Custom garage cabinets with shelves and other storage options

Step Two: Sort and Put Away Winter Gear

By this point, you should be left with everything you need and use in your garage. This is a great start! 

Now, it’s time to store items and tools you won’t need until the colder months roll around. A great way to keep these items out of the way is by storing them above you, or on the walls. Consider installing a Slatwall system to hold shovels and bags of salt. Winter boots and cold weather gear can hang comfortably from one of our utility racks. We recommend storing these things higher up, or in places you need to access less frequently, so you can save the ideal spots for grab-and-go items dedicated to summer fun.

Bikes hanging on Slatwall system in garage

Step Three: Sort and Store Summer Items

The great thing about our Slatwall is that accessories and various storage hooks can be moved around depending on where you need them. Since you’ll be reaching for your tents and paddle boards during these next few months, keeping them within reach ensures easy access. For winter, these items can be easily moved around. 

Our storeWALL Disc Hook is great for hanging heavy backpacks for your backpacking trip. Try the storeWALL Steadyrack Classic Bracket Set for hanging bikes. 

Gearing up for a friendly game of tennis? Our storeWALL Wide Hooks are perfect for keeping your tennis rackets nearby. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your storage solutions


Ready for a garage storage system that does the hard work for you? Click here to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation so we can help you create a solution that fits your needs. The summer is too short to waste those sunny days rummaging through your garage for the things you need! 

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