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Blog Feature

By: Teri Cutler on November 8th, 2011

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Teri’s Topics - Halloween


Halloween. As a kid, I was always into clothes, so the day to me was one full of pressure to come up with a great, original costume. One year my mother thought it would be great fun if she let me wear her braids from her first haircut. What an honor my mother thought but I could only think of the scalping I would get if anything happened to her beautiful, perfectly kept, 20 year old braids. I prayed I could get back home without losing or damaging them. Lucky for me, she never offered again. My first hair extensions, they would be worth a lot today.

My favorite costume was a 5 foot M&M bag that I made as an art student. My friend and I spent two weeks working to get the wire forms to look like crinkled bags of M&M's. Then we wrapped them with canvas and painstakingly painted every detail; letters, shadows, bar codes...it was perfect-one bag plain, one bag with peanuts. Dressed in black with white gloves and an ample supply of M&M candy to hand out, we donned our "bags" and went out to our first party. Weaving our way down the streets of NYC, we had a lot of fun until the 80 degree "freaky" weather took its toll on us. We couldn't keep "melts in your mouth not in your hands" motto any longer. So "for the sake of art" we transformed into mimes and gave away the melting candy.

Fast forward many years, no one ever asks me what I am going to be for Halloween. But- What is my dog going to be, is another story. She is expected to show up on Halloween decked out in a smart, creative outfit that only she could get away with. The problem is that my dog is a living Princess, (note the capital P) with some serious attitude. As I display her choices, she jumps off the bed, turns briefly to make eye contact with me - "you can't be serious" and "are you crazy" are what my thoughts turn to as she turns and slowly swaggers out of the room. Lucky for me, my friends have dogs that are more willing to please their owners and their owners friends. I guess there is always next year.