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By: admin on October 18th, 2011

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Teri’s Topics – Last week in the Big Apple


New York, New York. You either love it or hate it, I've never met anyone without an opinion one way or another. As usual there was a lot going on last week in the Big Apple…

On Wednesday, October 12th, The Museum of Art and Design had their members only opening party for their new exhibit "Crafting Modernism: Midcentury American Art and Design. Trace the designs that came after WWII, mid-1940’s to 1969 - Mass production vs. handmade designs. I know we all take Etsy for granted, but this exhibit offers the chance to see well known designers like Eames and Noguchi, as well as less known pieces like Wendell Castle’s Music Rack. Afterwards, check out Robert’s on the 9th Floor - a great view of Central Park, interesting people watching, and the food is really good.

I was fortunate enough to attend the D&D Building's Fall Market “Transcending Boundaries in Design” for interior designers, a great venue to check out all of the latest designs. Did you know that Jonathan Adler started his career as a production potter? And that his first sale was to Barneys NY? Nina Campbell spoke about her recent projects, including her new line with Stark Carpet. Engaging talks on a range of subjects, from What's The Future Role of the Interior

Designer to the basic fact that Social Media is the future for business, regardless of what business you're in. Just watch your teenagers navigate their way between cell phones, texting, iPads, iPods and they are still able to give you the impression that they are listening to you. How do you keep up?