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The Best and Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Craft and Hobby Area

Your craft or hobby gives you a chance to put your creative talents to use, but having to spend time searching for supplies can put a damper on that. Whether you enjoy doing a wide range of crafts or prefer to focus on one kind, keeping your craft or hobby space organized can save you a lot of frustration. You’ll be able to find exactly what you need at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to fill your craft or hobby space up with regular plastic bins or boxes. Instead, put a creative spin on this type of storage with the following ideas.

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Shelving Units

Devoting an entire built-in shelving unit to craft and hobby storage gives you plenty of space for your supplies, tools and other equipment. These units can take up a whole wall and stretch from floor to ceiling, which provides you with more flexibility in terms of organization. You can have custom shelves and cubbies of various sizes and lengths included, depending on the types of items you need to store. Keep in mind that since these shelving units are built into your wall, they don’t take up floor space, unlike bookcases and freestanding shelving units.

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Built-in Drawers

Craft and hobby supplies can fit perfectly in a table or desk with built-in storage drawers. This customized table or desk can also serve as your main work area while you’re crafting or pursuing a hobby. In terms of storage, having built-in drawers makes it easy for you to set up your supplies and put them away. Using a table or desk with drawers as a work space and storage area also helps you save room in your crafting area, which is convenient if you work in a small or tight room.

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Crafting Closet

Having a custom-built storage closet installed in your craft or hobby area is the most efficient way to keep your supplies organized and out of the way when you don’t need them. Your customized closet can include smaller shelves on the side walls to hold supplies and an entire shelving unit built into the back wall. You can also have pegboard installed on the walls for hanging tools, scissors, tape, ribbon and other items that you use frequently. Since this is your craft closet, choose your favorite color scheme for it if possible. Have the shelves, pegboard and walls painted with these colors to help inspire you each time you open the door.

Craft and hobby room with floor to ceiling cubbies, closet and workspace

Wall Storage

The wall space over your crafting table or desk can be used for storage. Using empty wall space in your crafting area helps you keep your work space from becoming cluttered and saves you from having to take up floor space with freestanding shelving units or cubbies. Consider having a small shelf or two installed above your desk or table for placing supplies on. You can also opt for hanging wall storage products with small hooks on them for holding all kinds of smaller items, such as spools of thread, scissors, and tape.

You can put one or more of these ideas to use to make sure your craft or hobby area stays well-organized at all times while also providing your work area with some creative flair. No matter how much space you have to work with or how many supplies you need to store, there’s a perfect storage solution for you. Consider different craft storage ideas, and consult a home design and organization expert for more expert advice.

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