Organized Men's closet design featured on Queer Eye

The Closet Works Appears On Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

The long-awaited premier is finally here! The Closet Works made an appearance on Queer Eye for The Straight Guy, which was filmed in the Philadelphia area during the summer of 2019. The hit TV series features a team of professionals better known as the “Fab 5”, who perform complete makeovers for men and women in different phases of their lives. There are transformations in all aspects of life including interior design, wardrobe, food, lifestyle and more. The show is currently in its 5th season, and features The Closet Works in the episode “DJ’s on Repeat”, which can now be streamed on Netflix.

Learn about the closet redesign and makeover

In the episode, a DJ from south Jersey has a serious need for a closet redesign and makeover. Before the remodel, the closet doubled as a pantry, so food and clothing were stored together. His closets were outfitted with flimsy wood shelving that were totally insufficient for his storage needs. We listened to his needs and goals for the space and created a custom a design that was efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The Fab 5 completely updated the client’s wardrobe with fashionable and stylish clothing and accessories. The Closet Works, Inc. was pleased to be able to engage in the design, manufacturing and installation of a bespoke custom closet system. One of our staff of space optimization specialists, Gaye Smith, was the designer on the project and had this to say about the experience:

“It was really a pleasure designing a handsome and functional closet that would get the client excited about his new and unique look. It was so rewarding to see the expression on his face when he saw the closet makeover. In addition using a two-tone color scheme that complemented with the aesthetic in rest of the new master suite, I wanted to add some “wow” factor for him and included glass doors, a mirror, designer handles and tiered top molding. It not only looks great, but now each category in his wardrobe has its own home! So happy that the Closet Works and I were able to participate in Ryan’s makeover.”

Closete system with double hanging and crown molding

Due to the size limitations of the project, it was critical to efficiently utilize every inch of space. The design incorporated a floor-to ceiling shelf unit behind the door to function as a linen closet to store such items as towels, bed linens and toiletries. A beautiful cabinet system in Spring Blossom and Shadows features double hanging to maximize the vertical storage space, a tilt-out hamper, top-mount tie rack, a valet bar and shoe shelves. In addition to an amazing counter space with mirror and accessory drawer inserts. A system of organization was put in place and the wardrobe was completely updated and outfitted with fashionable and stylish clothing items. Pictures of the closet makeover can be found on The Closet Works, Inc. website.

shoe shleves in custom closet

A terrific closet system must be not only stylish and beautiful, but functional and ergonomically efficient as well. Having everything well organized simplifies daily routines and helps to reduce stress from our in everyday life and that is a plus for everyone! The Closet Works marketing manager Sal Graci commented:

“When Queer Eye first reached out to us in July of 2019, we were extremely excited and appreciative for the opportunity. Our goal in all of our projects is to help our clientele achieve a superior blend of form and function to make life easier and less stressful. No matter what type of project we undertake, be it closets, home offices, custom wall units, media rooms, specialty beds or custom furniture, we want the end result to be beautiful and life-enhancing.”

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