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By: Closet Works Inc. on April 19th, 2011

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The real facts about Custom Closet Systems -- “Cut to the Chase”


Cut to the chase. A very useful term, thought to have been coined by Hal Roach and popularized during the early days of silent films. These early movies often reached their climax during the chase scenes and this term was a reference to skipping over extraneous material that merely added run time before getting to the meat of the matter, so to speak.

Today we use the phrase "cut to the chase" to mean "get to the point without wasting time". In a society such as ours where time is always in short supply it would seem that the ability to "cut to the chase" when seeking information about almost any topic would be useful indeed. Of course in some areas the subject matter is either so complex or technical or difficult to process that cutting to the chase is not quite so simple. But in regard to closets, it can be applied quite well.

After all, we’re talking custom closet systems here, not brain surgery.

Having been a successful entrepreneur in the custom closet systems industry for over 20 years I feel particularly well suited to provide information to eager supplicants about a subject near and dear to my heart. Now please don’t misunderstand; certainly there are some subjects that are, well, a bit more subjective where opinion or taste or preference play an important part in making the right choice. But there are other areas where it is much simpler to present clear and concise data about the whys and wherefores of organizing space in an efficient, economical and, dare I say it, even elegant way.

I have three basic goals in creating this blog. First, I intend to simply provide information. I will draw upon my years of experience in the closet business to address common questions regarding design, materials, construction methods and new developments that could have an impact on the choices my readers make.

Second, I hope to be able to put to rest certain myths and misconceptions that often muddy the waters and lead to flawed decisions.

Third, I will offer opinions and personal thoughts based solely on my own experience, tastes and biases with the caveat that they are mine alone and not to be construed as presentations of fact.

I will lean upon the input of valued colleagues who are experts in various areas such as design, technology, construction and the like, in order to make these offerings as valuable as possible, and I will do my best to make them, if not entertaining, at least less likely to induce sleep on the part of my readers.

I am hopeful that my comments will produce feedback and questions to bring this blog into the realm of dialogue, and to encourage an exchange of ideas and information that benefits all readers as well as myself. Contrary to popular belief (ok, my belief) I am not omniscient and I can accept correction, new data and constructive criticism as long as it is not malevolent in nature. Questions are always appropriate.

So, welcome to my blog. I hope that in the ensuing entries I will help you better understand your options when considering custom closet systems and contribute in some small way to the success of your closet organization projects. If not, please feel free to complain to my boss.


My Boss


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