Murphy Bed

The Value of a Murphy Bed

Go ahead, take all of your misconceptions about Murphy beds. Now toss them in the waste bin. Today’s Murphy beds are nothing like the ones in old black and white movies. They’re gorgeous and comfortable, too. With a near-limitless array of choices for customization, your clever, custom bed can serve your home and lifestyle remarkably well.

The Murphy bed concept was born in 1900, and here’s what’s still so great about this brilliant invention from Mr. William Lawrence Murphy.

Murphy Beds Make Tiny Apartments Feel Spacious

If your home is a small apartment or open-concept loft, you may struggle with a floor plan that doesn’t require stepping over one piece of furniture to get to another. Add a full or queen-size bed, and it probably takes up a lot of your valuable square footage. And that leaves almost no space for the furniture that you use when your eyes are open.

Murphy beds fold out when you need them, and fold back away when you don’t. That means your living area doesn’t have to look like a motel room with a bed at center stage. At its most efficient, the Murphy bed cabinet is no larger than an ordinary cupboard. If you have room for a bookcase, you have room for a bed — and during daylight hours, you can reclaim all of that space again.

Wall Beds Let Guests Get a Better Night’s Sleep

How many poor, unfortunate guests have been relegated to your sofa, or worse, a makeshift bed on the floor? When you’re 10 years old, that’s fun. Not so much, when you’re over 30. With a Murphy bed, guests have their own sleeping space, and they’re comfortable. Unlike sleeping on a convertible sofa bed with a thin mattress, guests won’t wake up with a sore back and a grumpy attitude.

How is that possible? Murphy beds from The Closet Works allow you to use any mattress set that you like. From twin size all the way up to king and regardless of the mattress brand, your custom bed’s biggest secret is a great night’s sleep.

Create A Dual Use Room

Maybe your home has plenty of space, just not enough to dedicate a whole room to guest sleeping arrangements. Murphy beds work anywhere, so any room can be a temporary bedroom or a dual-purpose space.

You already know that Murphy beds are great in smaller apartment or loft spaces. But in a more traditional home, you can have a bed practically anywhere. A home office or dining room makes a great Murphy bed guest room. When it’s not in use, the bed can blend in seamlessly with your space. And don’t forget about the living room. An entertainment center can easily open to reveal a comfortable bed. Lastly, a Murphy bed in a child’s room can help conserve space, or provide an extra bed for sleepovers.

Your Murphy Bed Has Loads of Customization Options

Aside from the obvious benefit, which is a convenient bed that doesn’t require a lot of space, Murphy beds do something else. Depending on your personal style, home decor and the room where the bed will reside, the cabinet can be customized to fit your needs. Choose a standard cabinet with shelves on the left and right. Or maybe you need a modern entertainment center with a Murphy bed inside.

Murphy beds give you numerous choices in design configuration, storage, style, finish and dimension. Choose a dark wood or white paint. Opt for fancy details or something sleeker. No matter what your decor, chances are we can help you complement it.

Murphy beds began life as a nifty way to have sleeping arrangements without a bed dominating the room. Ages ago, they folded out from a wall. Now, they tuck neatly inside custom cabinetry that’s beautiful, sturdy and built to last.

With summer on its way, guests are sure to follow. Be ready for them with a new Murphy bed. Contact us to learn more about this classic, space-saving marvel.

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