Neat and organized craft room with open shelving

Three Steps to Conquering an Empty Nest

Empty nest (n) – A household consisting only of a parent or parents whose children have grown up and left home.

Yes, it’s a real thing!

An empty nest can make a home feel lonely after years of children’s laughter and toys scattered throughout the house. Being a parent is a permanent, full-time job, so when your children move out, it’s a big adjustment. Optimizing your space and adding custom-built pieces to make your home feel new again can help balance your worries and make the adjustment a little easier. 

Here are three steps to help you conquer empty nest syndrome. 

1. Clear out anything you don’t need.

The process of getting rid of or donating items you no longer need can be lengthy.

We suggest starting in rooms no longer occupied. As you’re sorting through items, create a ‘keep’ pile, a ‘donate’ pile, and a ‘get rid of’ pile. Everything in the room should fit in one of these piles! As your ‘keep’ pile grows, you can pack away cherished memories while decluttering a space you can repurpose to better fit your needs.

If you aren’t quite ready to completely repurpose your child’s bedroom, that’s okay. Below we discuss a few options for creating space for yourself while also leaving room for children to come back and visit. 

Next, it’s time to evaluate the space you occupy, either alone or with a partner. As you declutter your room, you’ll likely find things in places you realize you need more room for. 

For example, if you normally shove your craft supplies in the back of your closet or keep your work computer on the nightstand, this is your chance to create a whole new space for your needs.

2. Ask yourself what you need more room for.

Once you declutter your space, you should have a good idea of what you need more room for, or what you simply want to make room for. 

Breaking old habits is hard, but replacing them with new ones can make the transition easier. Here are some ideas to convert your newfound empty room into an exciting new space to enjoy.

Custom craft room with open shoveling and center island

A Craft Room 

Hobbies are usually activities that fall on the backburner. You fit them in when you can, shoving supplies in any unoccupied spaces. Sound familiar? If you don’t have a dedicated space for your hobby, you’ll likely do less of what you love, especially if your supplies aren’t being stored in a place that’s easily accessible.  

A craft room is a great spot to hold all of your art and craft supplies. A floor-to-ceiling wall unit can be installed with shelves, cubbies, and drawers to make storing your items simple. Another great way to enhance a craft room is to add an island with storage or a crafting table where you can sit and work with the items you need easily accessible

>Custom home office with wrap around desk

A Home Office

Studies show having the right place to work can increase productivity and efficiency. If you now have the room for a home office, it’s the perfect addition. 

You can add a spacious L-shaped desk with enclosed cabinets to keep documents safe while showing off diplomas or awards on shelving displays. If you’re more concerned about storage than having a workspace, smaller space-saving desks can be extremely efficient and get the job done while making room for larger custom-built cabinets. 

Craft room with Murphy bed and desk area Craft room with Murphy bed open

Murphy Bed

Did you think we’d leave you hanging without a space for your children when they come back to visit? That’s the beauty of a Murphy bed! You don’t need to sacrifice your new craft room or home office space. A Murphy bed is designed to work around the other things in your room. 

Your Murphy bed can be designed in virtually any size ranging from twin to queen. It can be built as a bookshelf, desk, or storage unit so when the bed is flipped up and not in use, you still have the room and storage space you need.

3. Learn to enjoy your own company.

As a parent, you make sacrifices to ensure your children are happy and safe. Having a space you’re excited to spend time in—one that’s exclusively yours—is a concept that takes some getting used to, but you deserve it. If your children have left the nest, you’ve likely done your job well, which is a cause for celebration!

If you need help converting an empty space into the space you’ve always dreamed of, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.