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Five Tips for the Organizationally Challenged You Can Do in Five Minutes

According to the Daily Mail, people spend 3,680 hours (or 153 days) looking for their things over the course of a lifetime. Another report, courtesy of the National Soap & Detergent Association, states that getting rid of clutter potentially eliminates 40% of housework, and on top of that, 80% of the clutter in our homes comes from disorganization – not a lack of space.

As you can see, an organized life has perks whereas a disorganized life has repercussions. Yet  some of us can’t seem to adopt or maintain good organizational habits.

Why can’t I get organized?

Perhaps you’re not organized because you don’t like to organize – plain and simple. For others, you may avoid decluttering because you don’t believe you’re good at it (so, why do it?) There are those who genuinely do not have the time to tidy their home. Regardless of your reason, one truth remains: you haven’t been able to get organized (yet).

How can I get organized?

The first step is to accept that you’re not organized, followed by allocating time during your week to organize at your own pace – which is where our five-minute tips come into play.

You will only need five minutes to execute each task outlined below. You can do them one at a time, all at once or space them out over five days. How you apply these tips is up to you, which is another reason why you can and will get organized – because you’ll do it in accordance to your organizational tolerance and when your schedule permits.

Here is our list of five-minute tips – happy organizing!

Planner and organizer book

Let’s Get Started…

  • Update your calendar, and/or your to-do list in your smart phone or planner. It’s recommended you do this at the start of each week. A calendar helps keep your ducks in a row, such as errands, engagements & your work schedule. Honestly, since you’re probably incredibly busy, we recommend you do this every time your plans change or adjust. If you don’t already have a calendar, get a digital or physical one.

Tip: Download our 30-day checklist. It usually takes 21 days to form a habit but with us you get a little more time. There are tasks for every nook & cranny of your home, such as your garage, basement, junk drawer, fridge and more. 

Mobile phone organizer and calendar

  • Create a clutter-free zone at home and maintain that space. Whether you choose your coffee table, a side counter in your kitchen or your craft room, select a location that you would like to remain clutter-free, and clear it off so the surface is like a blank slate. We recommend selecting a table or surface that sits in a central location – which brings us to part two of this tip.

What’s part two? Another five minutes? Yes! Choose a collection you own – any collection that you perceive as being contributory to your clutter – and tidy it up. Remember: don’t bite off more than you can chew at once.

Choose Your Collection

  • Put your shoes away. There are so many places to put them but, an entryway or mudroom is ideal because you can immediately take off your shoes upon entering your house, limiting the chance that dirt from the outside will be trekked into other rooms. You don’t have either? No problem – your closet is the answer! Regardless of the type of closet system you have, it’s beneficial to have a method of organization for your shoes. You could use a door-mounted rack, cubbies or shoe shelves, just to name a few.

Walk in closet with shoes organized around window  Mudroom with shoes neatly organized

  • Tidy your workspace. Perhaps you work remotely and have an office in your house, or you commute every day and have an informal area to catch up on tasks and emails. No matter which circumstance matches your lifestyle, it’s important to keep your workspace organized. A tidy place to focus has been proven to reduce stress, and thus increase productivity because the brain doesn’t work optimally when it’s under stress, whether it be large or small. It won’t take longer than five minutes to clear off your desk, especially if you use storage solutions which include drawer inserts, a filing system configured specifically for your filing needs, cabinets and shelving.

Tip: If you don’t have a formal office where you can utilize these features, you can create a mobile workspace bag. Simply gather your work materials, organize them in a bag that has pockets and is large enough to hold everything you need. Then place this bag on a shelf, hang it on a hook or just put it where you can easily access it. You can now work from anywhere – really!

Home office neatly organized

  • Pick everything up off your living room floor, clear off your coffee table, gather your remotes and fold throws. Seeing is believing. When you see that your living room is tidy, then you will believe you are organized (or getting there) because this is a room most people use every day. So, if you have pets or children, put their toys away. Or better yet, teach them to. Hung out late last night? Put that empty popcorn bag and soda cans in the trash/recycling. Keep your coffee table clear of clutter, except for items that permanently live there. Speaking of, corral your remote controls! If you only have one then you must give us the name of your provider – but it’s likely that you have several to keep together. Lastly, fold your throws and either place them in a container, stack them in a pile or lay them nicely over the back of your sofa.

Media centr with floating shelves

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