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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021 for Home Organization

2021 has been a year defined by change and adaptation. Our clients have changed the insides of their homes, and we have adapted our services and products to fit the new normal we now exist in. What hasn’t changed, however, is how we end the year.

With that said, we carry on our tradition of counting down our top 5 blog posts, these being the best of 2021. Thank you 2021 for everything you have given us, but here’s to 2022 and the hope it brings with it.

#1 How to Pick the Perfect Design Color for Your Interior Design Project

Picking the perfect color for your design is hard for multiple reasons, but through the extensive experience of our design team, we have ascertained what we believe to be the two most common difficulties customers encounter. Along with a step-by-step process to help you weed through the thousands of colors available for wall colors, furnishings and more.

#2 Five Tips for the Organizationally Challenged That Can Be Done in Five Minutes

According to the Daily Mail, people spend 3,680 hours (or 153 days) looking for their things over the course of a lifetime. Another report, courtesy of the National Soap & Detergent Association, states that getting rid of clutter potentially eliminates 40% of housework, and on top of that, 80% of the clutter in our homes comes from disorganization – not a lack of space.

As you can see, an organized life has perks whereas a disorganized life has repercussions. Yet, some of us can’t seem to adopt or maintain good organizational habits. If you are limited on time and haven’t been able to get organized, have no fear – all you need to spare are five minutes using the tips.

#3 Our 8 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Cleaning Supplies

We’re guessing that when it comes to cleaning the house, this task isn’t on your top 20 list of things you enjoy doing! To make cleaning worse, starting with disorganized or cluttered cleaning supplies makes the process all the more dreadful, and needless to say, counterproductive. If you can’t find the large garbage bags, clean sponges, or you misplaced your brush and dustpan, you will waste valuable time looking for them – hence the irritation and grrrrr!

In order to avoid the worst-case scenario above, we recommend that you organize your cleaning supplies to save time and reduce frustration.

#4 How to Make Your Space More Attractive for Virtual Meetings

Working from home has become the new normal. Don’t believe us? An Upwork survey has revealed that 1 in 4 Americans, or 39 million people, are working from home in 2021, with predictions estimating that in the coming years, that figure will rise to 70 million.

Since remote work has taken over, so have virtual meetings, and thus, a need for a private, home office space. You need a place that not only is aesthetically pleasing and motivates your productivity but is appropriate when your colleagues Zoom in for a catch-up or conference call.

Check out these hacks to make your home office more attractive for your up-coming virtual meetings.

#5 Is a Murphy Bed Dangerous?

We at The Closet Works, Inc. discovered that “can a Murphy bed kill you?” is the most frequently asked question on Google regarding space-saving beds, and thus, we felt compelled to provide a responsible and informed answer to this common query.

Our answer? You’ll have to read on to find out!


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