Top 5 Blog Posts of 2022

As 2022 nears its close, we’re taking the time to reflect on our and our clients’ successes. This year, we’ve watched our clients shift their focus into making their home work for their needs, which is why we’ve continued to adapt to make sure we were working the best way possible for our clients. 

With that said, we carry on our tradition of counting down our top 5 blog posts that you visited in 2022. We’re grateful for everything 2022 has given us, but we’re looking forward to seeing what’s to come in  2023! May it bring health, happiness, and success upon its arrival.

custom laundry room with sliding shelves open

#1: What You Should Store In Your Laundry Room

With the laundry room being one of the busiest areas in our homes, deciding what to store in this space is important. From laundry supplies to baskets to how to store linens and other items, we’ve figured out what works best for you and offer it here to continue to inspire the change you’re seeking for a clean space.

Walk in closet organizer with center island and custom shelving

#2: How to Manage Your Wardrobe

As the days turn into weeks, we amass clothing, shoes, and accessories and need effective ways to manage your wardrobe. In this favorite post, we offer four easy steps to make wardrobe organization efficient and purposeful. Use the steps – scheduling time for taking stock of what you have, assessing quality over quantity, adding custom storage to keep you on track, and finding a great smartphone app to make it all easy – to reimagine what your wardrobe needs are in 2023.

Cleaning Supplies in basket with yellow rubber gloves

#3: Our 8 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Cleaning Supplies

Yes, cleaning your cleaning supplies is necessary! And we show you how to manage it in eight easy steps. Master the mess of clutter in the process and feel like you’ve accomplished a big goal toward storing and organizing your cleaning supplies like a pro.

Custom wall bed pulled down between sliding bookshelves

#4: Why Your Guest Room Should Serve More Than One Purpose

Creating an inviting space for guests is important, but having the guest space work on multiple levels is absolutely necessary. Rather than devote your extra bedroom to a full-time guest room that rarely gets used, it makes more sense to create a room that serves more than one purpose. Here, we give you valuable ideas to make your extra space a multipurpose design. Whether creating a library, craft room, home office or media room, your “guest area” can serve your home’s needs in many ways.

Custom wardrobe with custom shelves and cabinets with wood finish

#5: 6 Ideas for Designing Your Custom Reach-In Closet

Tackling the problem of smaller, hard-to-access closets is a real challenge. Read this post to learn how many options you have toward making a closet the well-designed space that serves you to maximize every inch of precious space year-round.

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