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By: Closet Works Inc. on August 3rd, 2016

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The Top 5 Questions Our Customers Ask


Whether you’ve been considering a custom closet for years or you’ve just started doing research, you’re bound to have some questions about how it all works. Luckily, after having built and installed custom closets for over 25 years, we’ve got answers.

Here are the top five questions our customers ask us.

Custom walk-in closet organizer and sitting room

1. How much will my custom closet cost?

Custom closet designs, like many other things in life, range in price depending on exactly what you want. Just as you can buy a used car for $2,500 or a new car for $65,000, what you spend on a custom closet depends on your needs.

The size of the closet, the finish/color of the material, the number of drawers and rollouts, and the convenient accessories you add to your closet all affect the price. Importantly, The Closet Works’ custom closets include a low-price guarantee, so you can be sure that what you are paying for your custom design is the lowest you’ll find on an apples to apples comparison.

2. What can I expect when working with The Closet Works?

One thing is for sure: you can expect an exceptional customer experience working with our team.

As far as our process goes, it begins with a free consultation. A Closet Works designer will visit your home to see the space and discuss what you’d like to store in your closet and what your storage problems are. Most of our designers have well over a decade of experience, and they’ve heard (and seen) it all. They’ll make recommendations for storage solutions that will suit your needs and your budget.

After the initial consultation, your designer will work with you to create your custom design, and when all the details are finalized will send you a proposal. Once you place your order, our engineering team will get the ball rolling and our craftsmen will begin creating all of the components for your project.  Finally, we’ll carefully install your custom job—often in just one day. For more details, read about our process.

3. What's the best way to organize my stuff?

Obviously, the point of a custom closet is to be a functional place where you can store all of your clothes, shoes and accessories (and whatever else has a home in your closet). And while that’s enough for some of our clients, others have large spaces to work with and want aesthetics to drive the design.

Regardless of whether you’ve got a small reach-in closet, large walk-in closet, or wardrobe, our designers take care to understand your problems and we’ll use space efficiently and effectively. We’ll design shelves for sweaters that are just the right size and for shoes that are the right width for a few pairs—not an odd number. And if you don’t have a closet, let us help you create a custom wardrobe that will just knock your socks off!

We’ll carefully consider all of the details of your space. We’ll make sure that the closet design doesn’t interfere with access to an attic or an electrical or access panel. We’ll consider where outlets and light switches are, and we’ll make sure they’re still easy to reach.

4. What should I do to prepare for installation?

If you often scan your closet in the morning and pass over that out-of-style sweater or your favorite shirt that now, sadly, has a stain on it, now is the time to review your wardrobe and let go of those clothes you’ll never wear. You’ll feel better if you do.

Before the installation crew arrives at your house, you’ll need to clear your closet space of all clothing and anything that’s not attached to the walls—and staying there in your new closet. If want us to remove existing hanging rods, wire shelves or racks, we’ll happily patch the holes and even touch-up the affected areas with the paint that you provide. Or, if you want a really clean and new look we suggest you have your painter come in before us, remove the existing system and patch then paint the entire closet. 

Next, if you’ve got knick-knacks or pictures on adjoining walls, it’s best to remove them so that everything stays intact during installation.

Finally, don’t make changes to the closet before we arrive unless you’ve discussed it with us. If there are existing baseboards, don’t remove them; if there aren’t currently baseboards, don’t add them. On the other hand, if you plan to install new carpeting or flooring in your closet, you really want to have that done before we install your custom closet system.

5. What's the warranty? 

Our lifetime limited warranty is simple: if we install your custom closet and something breaks, we’ll fix it. Whether it’s three years later (not likely) or fifteen years later, if a feature or part of your closet breaks, and you haven’t moved or modified the original installation     we’ll fix it as quickly as possible.

We hope this answers a few of your burning custom closet questions. If you’ve got more, just reach out to us.


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