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Top 5 Tips for Making Your New House a Home

If you’ve moved in the last year or two, you’re still just getting to know your new house. You’re still learning about its quirks—like how the steps creak or what noises the appliances make.

You may have arranged furniture more than once to create the right atmosphere and use space wisely. But there are some other big projects you might want to tackle that can help make the house you just purchased feel a little bit more like home.

These projects include organization solutions and decorating decisions, and they’ll make your living spaces feel like an extension of your personal style. They’ll also make your home feel functional, making it easier to live in.

Here are some tips to help make your house feel more like a home this coming year.

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1. Choose paint colors (and actually paint the rooms).

Choosing paint colors for your new home can be a daunting task. Color changes how we feel and can be used to influence mood wherever it’s used. So, it’s important that you choose the right colors for your home.

After living in your house for a few months, you might want to start thinking about which colors match each space; warm colors like yellows and tans for foyers and entryways, calming colors like blues and greens for your bedroom and, in the kitchen, something bold like red that has been proven to whet your appetite. If you’re nervous about these colorful changes, choose several swatches and paint small squares on the wall to see how artificial and natural light work with it, as well as any furniture and décor you know you’ll keep after you paint.

And if the idea of committing to one color in a large space has you nervous, try a smaller space like a powder room or office. Of course, if you paint a room, live with it for a few months. If it still doesn’t strike your fancy, you can always repaint!

2. Organize your home office.

If you frequently work from home, organizing your home office so everything has its own place should happen sooner rather than later. Your home office should promote productivity, which means you need a desk, cabinets, shelves, and other storage that helps you stay organized and get work done.

The best way to create a functional home office is with a custom home office organization solution. A custom solution takes into account details about your working style that help promote productivity. For example, if you work from home every day, you might need to store paper files, a printer and an office phone. If you work from home just a few days a month, you may not need the same equipment.

In addition, a custom office storage solution can also provide separate storage for work files versus personal papers, and it can offer space for more than one family member. Cabinets, desks and storage systems can be built to help you with your specific needs, while being stylish and sturdy.

Custom home office with desk and entertainment center

3. Make your closet a custom organization paradise.

Whether you just built your new home or it’s been lived in before, there’s a great chance that the closets you inherited don’t fit your needs. They might be too small, or they might include just a single hanging rod and some wire shelves. To make your house feel more like a home this year, you could build the perfect space for your clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories—a custom closet.

A custom closet solution—whether it’s a walk-in closet, reach-in closet or even a wardrobe—can make your house feel more personalized and “you.” There are a number of storage options that can meet your unique needs, such as deep shelves that help you organize sweaters and folded shirts, cubbies for your sandals and flats, open shelving for your heels and dress shoes, custom jewelry storage and a place for your handbags. A custom closet can be built in the style that you love. In addition, the finishes will transform your storage space from drab to dramatic.

Working with an expert custom closet designer ensures that no detail is overlooked and the space is completely optimized. A closet designer can help you create the perfect closet so your mornings are stress-free and everything has its place. Interior Designer Nate Berkus states “Most people start unpacking the common spaces first, but I focus my efforts on my closet because Monday’s are hard enough without having to search for your favorite sweater.”

Womens walk in closet organized with wardrobe items on shelves and racks

4. Choose décor that fits your new space.

Sometimes it makes sense to live in a new house for a little while before deciding how to decorate it. You might have paintings, pictures, vases, other decorative items and furniture that you brought from your last home or apartment, but it might not fit right in your new space.

You might live with the furniture arranged a certain way and realize it just doesn’t “work” for how you live. If so, reevaluate the size and scale of your furniture in its space, you might have other design challenges that need to be solved: The sofa might create a better walkway in a different spot, or you might want to replace the entryway table with something more practical.

Once you know where things are going to stay, start hanging familiar photos and artwork. Research has shown that looking at artwork does reduce stress and increases happiness. If you surround yourself with items that make you feel good, the space will begin to feel more like home.

Whatever the case, making these decisions and finally adding your personal touch to your house will transform it from the house you just purchased to your home.

5. Make your home “guest ready.”

Whether you’ve moved to get more space or you’ve downsized, your home should be guest-ready. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a room designated just for guests in your house. You can create a beautiful and functional guest-ready space even in a room you plan to use the space for multiple purposes. The secret? A Murphy bed.

Murphy beds are not only neat disguised accommodations for visiting guests—they’re also highly functional. With a Murphy bed, you can offer a comfortable place to sleep in a space that you use most often as an office, craft room, kid’s playroom or bonus room. And the best part is, it’s a full bed with a typical mattress—rather than a thin, uncomfortable mattress you might find in a pullout couch.

Murphy beds pulled down and neatly made for guests

There are a number of Murphy bed styles that can help you accommodate guests—whether the bed folds out vertically or horizontally. In addition, new styles include fun bookshelves and cabinets that make the space even more functional when it’s not being used as a bed.

Beyond designating a place for guests to sleep, you may also want to organize your linen closet with sheets, blankets and even toiletries for your guests to make them feel at home.

When you are ready invite your family and friends over for a visit, you will take pride in sharing your new and comfortable space with your guests. Hearing familiar voices and creating memories in your new space will make you feel at ease and more comfortable in your home.

Now that you know how to make your house feel more like your home, it’s time to prioritize and start making changes. If you’re interested in transforming your closets and home office, or if you’re ready to make your space guest-ready, reach out to The Closet Works to learn more.

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