Walk in closet with slanted ceiling

Top Challenges Customers Face (But Overcome!)

Our team of professional Designers work with clients on different kinds of projects all the time. Their average tenure with us is over 10 years, in addition to a quarter of the team having over 17 years of interior design experience on their resumes. We think it’s safe to say that you’ll see their years of experience when you schedule your free, no obligation, design consultation.

Some issues our customers have faced can be labeled as “standard”, But some challenges were truly complicated. With that said, we reached out to our design team and asked them to recall some of the more challenging projects they’ve worked on over the years. Here are their stories…

Maximize the Space

CWI designer, Gaye, reported that every client she’s had has said, “I just want to maximize the space.”

In her professional experience as an interior designer, she’s noted that most clients come to her with closets that have simple wire shelving or shelf and rod fit outs. Why would this be a potential issue for a client? Simple: it’s because all of the space in the closet is not being utilized to its maximum potential.

In order to best use the available space, no matter the shape, size or irregular sections that may exist, we at The Closet Works can draw on over 30 years of experience and over 30,000 custom closet installations. Furthermore, we accomodate the customer’s needs with the available space they have and utilize all of the tools in our design catalogue to create a truly personal, efficient and exceptional solution to storage problems.

Walk-in closet with French Doors   Master closet neatly organized

Atypical Layouts

Jen, one of our design optimization specialists, has this to say about atypical layouts: “My clients almost feel lost when it comes to organizing a space that has slanted ceilings or ceilings that are low and/or have soffits. They often purchase pieces that don’t fit into the space well or at all and they struggle trying to fit square pegs in round holes. The benefit that The Closet Works provides is that we custom design, manufacture and install unique sections to make sure that the space available, regardless of the irregularities, is maximized and comfortably accessible. When it comes to these types of spaces, my job is to create a specific custom design to fit the area, in addition to accommodating all of their needs and organization goals.”

Custom walk in closet with slanted ceilings   Home office with wrap around desk neatly organized

What Can Be Done To Make Our Mudroom Really Work Well?

Steve has been a design consultant with us for over 23 years, and in that time, he’s found that mudrooms can be a real challenge for customers. The common goal for most is to ensure that there is sufficient space for all of the different items to be stored there, with the understanding that all the sections need to be readily accessible and will be useful in the present, as well as the future as children in the family grow.

Here are some of the areas that many customers want to address in their mudroom design:

  • A place for shoes
  • Hooks for jackets or coats
  • Drawers, shelves or bins for hats, gloves & scarves
  • A place for special items, such as school bags, backpacks, sports equipment and the like

Steve employs his years of experience and knowledge to make sure that the client’s needs and overall vision are represented by the completed project. Steve takes pleasure in adding certain features, such as a bench with a cushion and shoe storage below – something that most customers (and many other companies) don’t even contemplate. The intelligent use and placement of drawers, baskets and rollouts can really add to the success of a terrific mudroom project, large or small.

Organized mudroom with locked style layout Mudroom or entryway closet system with seating area

Organizing for Dynamic Duos

Kyle, a more recent addition to our staff, comments that, “One of the common issues I need to address is making sure that a shared closet meets everyone’s requirements, both utilization and in terms of aesthetics, so as to make both parties using the closet very happy with the outcome. When more than one person is using the space, it’s critical to determine who needs what and how the space can be outfitted to demonstrate a respect for the needs and desires of each party. We can create a design to satisfy both users, even if they’re views are not consistent. To give an example, one person might live by the KonMari Method, while the other has a much lower tolerance for a high level of organization. Some couples are on the same page, but in many cases, it almost feels as if we’re designing two different spaces. That’s okay, as long as the end result takes into account the physical requirements for each person’s belongings, as well as some type of compromise that is pleasing to both. For example, we did a job where the wife wanted all of her husband’s folded garments behind doors because, and to quote her: “he balls his clothes up and shoves them onto the shelf, and I just don’t like looking at that.” A few sets of doors sorted out that problem easily and quickly. What I notice most is that people truly want to find a way to live in harmony with their spouse or partner, and their closet should not be an exception. I feel fortunate to be able to help them find a middle ground that is mutually satisfactory.”

Men's walk-in closet neatly organized Custom Walk-In Closet built by The Closet Works Inc

Regardless of what currently bugs you in your home, our professional Designers have the skills, experience and determination to find a solution that works best for you.

Interested in learning more about getting organized or The Closet Works’ installations? Request a free consultation with one of our professional Designers today.

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