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Top 5 Blog Posts From 2018

This is it everyone, our last blog post of the year! Cannot believe 2018 is almost gone. We cannot thank each of you enough for all of your support. It is because of you that are we able to do what we love everyday, helping our clients create a dream space that is beautiful, organized and uniquely theirs.

We took a look back at our most popular posts over the past year and came up with our top 5. Each provide tips and tricks from organizational and custom closet experts on how you can live an organized life.

1. Download The 30 Day Home Organization Checklist

30 Day Home Organization Checklist Download

It happens to all of us. Life is busy and we fall behind in keeping our homes organized. Next thing we know, the kids’ homework has disappeared, the car keys have gone missing and, well … good luck finding those AAA batteries.

Here is an easy-to-use checklist that will help you get your home organized in just 30 days. By doing this work in bite-sized chunks, you can finally get ahead of home organization, once and for all.

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2. How To Reduce Junk Mail (And Save Some Trees)

Home office with beautiful wood wrap around desk and cabinet

While the amount of junk mail we received seemed to increase right around the holidays, we generally receive a bunch of unsolicited snail mail like credit card offers, new business announcements, catalogs and coupons—and we’ve only lived at our current address for a year and a half. This holiday deluge drove us to stop this junk mail at the source to save some trees, protect ourselves from someone stealing our personal information, limit clutter and save our sanity.

Here’s how you can get rid of all that junk mail.

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3. Simple Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Clothes

Walk-in closet with clothes neatly hung and organized

The impact of a beautifully organized custom closet diminishes if the clothes you store in it are stained, have lost their shape or are pilling like crazy. Building a solid wardrobe of quality clothes that you like to wear (and make you feel good!) is a long-term commitment. But high-quality garments are only worth the investment if you take care of them the right way.

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4. Six Ideas For Designing Your Custom Reach-In Closet

Mens Reach-in closet with wardrobe items neatly organized

Reach-in closets are often found in older homes and smaller apartments, and can be almost anywhere in the house. Of course we would all love more storage space, but that’s not always an option. Typically, reach-in closets are outfitted with a simple rod and shelf for hanging clothes and some folded storage, but not much more. But even with the small space that a reach-in closet affords, you can turn it into a lean, mean storage machine with some clever design ideas.

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5. How To Maximize Your Closet Storage

Custom built wood wardrobe with glass door inserts

Your closets are overflowing with stuff and, believe it or not, it could contribute to your stress level. Yes, keeping your pants, dresses and tops organized and knowing where your belts and socks belong can make you feel frazzled and out of control—from the time you spend getting ready in the morning to trying to figure out what you’ll wear to dinner this weekend.

Unfortunately, doubling the size of your closet may not be an option (though it may be a dream). However, you can learn to use the space more efficiently and maximize your closet storage. Here’s how.

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