The Top 5 Benefits of Installing a Custom Bed

Maybe the idea of overnight guests is lovely, but the reality is a bit more complicated. Or maybe you live in a very small apartment and anything besides a tiny bed takes up too much space. Sleeping arrangements aren’t always as simple as they appear in decor magazines and websites.

But custom beds could solve all of your problems, plus add more style than you imagined. There’s a whole world of possibilities available to you.

Here are the top five benefits of installing a custom bed in your home.

1. Guest feel more comfortable
2. An office serves multiple purposes
3. Tin square footage isn’t a problem
4. A child’s room grows and adapts
5. Hidden beds can be effortless

custom bed with green finish

1. Guests Feel More Comfortable

No matter how much you love your friends and family, setting up guest sleeping quarters can be tricky. Sofa sleeping isn’t always comfortable, and a sofa only sleeps one person. An air mattress on the floor isn’t the greatest idea, either. You could give up your own bed, but then where would you sleep?

A custom bed tucked inside beautiful cabinetry turns any room into an inviting place to get a good night’s rest. These aren’t the old fashioned pull-out beds with thin, lumpy mattresses and framework poking through. No, today’s Murphy beds and hidden beds have plush mattresses. Open cabinet doors or tuck in a desk, and reveal just what your guests were hoping for: A soft, inviting place to sleep that doesn’t disrupt the household.

Custom zoom room bed

2. An Office Serves Multiple Purposes

A home office might be a busy place, especially if you work from home, or it might just be the room where you handle household business. Either way, many homes make you choose between an office or a guest room. Custom beds mean that you don’t have to. Not only that, you can also get handsome storage furniture in the same unit.

The Murphy beds that The Closet Works offers give you almost limitless choices. If your taste leans toward sleek and modern or if you prefer something more traditional, full Murphy bed units with book cases, cabinets, drawers and even desks make your office look and function just like an office. Then when you have guests, the unit transforms into a cozy bedroom in a matter of minutes. We can even add desk drawer locking mechanisms to keep your private business secure.

Custom Murphy bed open in office with desk

3. Tiny Square Footage Isn’t a Problem

Anyone who has lived in a small apartment knows that the struggle to make furnishings fit can be a tough one. In a studio apartment, it’s even more challenging. Either the bed becomes part of the decor, or you’re relegated to sleeping on a pull-out sofa. Once again, hidden or Murphy beds solve everything and they do it with style.

A bed can tuck inside nearly any style of wall cabinetry. Imagine a broad and tall entertainment center, perhaps one that also has a writing desk and bookshelves. Now imagine that behind two doors stands a comfortable bed that folds down, and you never see it until you want to. Your living room or studio apartment can look like any other room by day, and feel like a bedroom at night.

Custom bookcase with wall bed open

4. A Child’s Room Grows and Adapts

Children start off with a crib, then graduate to a larger bed, and the changes continue until one day they’re ready to head off to college. With traditional furniture, you’ll replace it and then replace it again to keep up. With two or more children, this can turn into a lot of new furniture over the years. Hidden and trundle beds conserve space and work with a child’s growing needs.

Hidden beds fit neatly inside attractive cabinetry that gives your child lots of storage space for toys now and books later, plus a desk to do homework. Then with the tilt of the desktop, out comes a bed that’s been hidden away inside. This works for bunk beds, too. Trundle beds look more traditional, with one exception. Hidden underneath is another bed, and all that you have to do is roll it out.

Hidden bed custom made with desk option for kids room

5. Hidden Beds Can Be Effortless

If you’re not sure about the idea of pulling out and setting up a bed, there’s another option that’s effortless. All that you have to do is push a button on the remote, and the bed rolls out from the bottom of the cabinet entirely by its own power. Zoom Room beds are available in any style of cabinetry, just like our other beds. But instead of manual setup, it’s all automatic.

Custom hidden bed open in livingroom space

This is also a great choice for anyone who has physical difficulties. Wherever a Murphy or hidden bed would work, the Zoom Room bed works, too. It gives you storage, and it works a lot more easily than a manual style.

All of our Murphy, hidden, trundle and Zoom Room beds come with a Memory Foam mattress for exceptional comfort that lasts, whether you use it every night or only when guests arrive. And many of our beds give you the choice of twin, full or queen size.

At The Closet Works, everything that we do is focused on your satisfaction. We offer the highest quality at the most reasonable price, for the best value that you’ll find anywhere. Contact us today and schedule a free design consultation. Your sleeping arrangements will never be complicated again.

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