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Top Organizing Tips For Closets

This is a guest post created by the team at The Organizing Professionals.

The Organizing Professionals team

I’m not the biggest fan of colder temperatures, but I love fall and winter clothing; scarves, jackets, boots. I love it all! Take advantage of the change in seasons, set aside some time and follow these quick tips that will transform your closet.

  • Designate one side of your closet for Spring/Summer attire and the other side for Fall/Winter. This makes selecting what to wear so much easier. If you use two closets, designate the most accessible closet for the current season and hang all the out of season clothes in the less accessible closet. Then every October and April transfer the clothes over. This also gives you the opportunity to take an inventory of your wardrobe twice a year, reminds you of what you actually have and purge items you know you’ll never wear again. Only keep the items you need, use and love in your closet.
  • Organize everything in your closet according to category and color. For example, hang all the black pants together, then brown, then red etc. until you finally hang the lightest shade. Do the same with the shirts, skirts, and dresses. When you follow these steps and color-coordinate your closet, you not only are able to find any item of clothing immediately (which prevents buying multiples of the same item) but your closet resembles a fashion store.

White walk-in master bedroom closet

  • Invest in some good quality hangers. We prefer velvet slimline hangers that swivel so all your clothes can easily face the same direction. They not only preserve your clothing but give your closet a uniform appearance which is so pleasing to the eye.
  • If you don’t love it, need it, or use it then it doesn’t deserve a place in your closet. Less is more. The less you have the more organized you’re going to be.
  • You will fit more shoes on a shelf if you place them shoe box style (facing opposite directions). For women this gives an added advantage of seeing both the front and the heel.

Remember, the key to an organized closet is easy access to the current season’s clothing, grouping all like items together and organizing all items according to color. When you experience the benefits of this method, it’s usually all the motivation you need to maintain an organized closet.

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