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By: Closet Works Inc. on January 23rd, 2017

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Top Questions About Murphy Beds Answered

Murphy Bed

Whether you live in a single family home complete with a home office, craft room or “man cave” in the basement, or you live in a condo in the city, you likely need room to host guests overnight.

Rather than asking them to spend money on a hotel or subjecting them to the unique hell that is a sleeper sofa or air mattress, you could accommodate them in your own home with a space-saving Murphy bed.

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You’ve probably heard of a Murphy bed before—it’s an interesting alternative to devoting an entire room in your home to a guest bedroom that gets used just a few times a year. A Murphy bed is concealed most of the time, but folds down from the wall when needed, enabling you to transform a room into a comfortable place to sleep for your guests.

Intrigued? Of course, but you probably have some questions, too. Here are the top Murphy bed questions we hear and their answers.

1. Who is a Murphy bed right for?

Murphy beds are an excellent way to provide another sleeping space without creating an entire guest room. These concealed beds are great for anyone looking to free up space and provide a comfortable space for guests.

Murphy beds work well in condos where space comes at a premium, for couples who have downsized but still want to entertain overnight guests and for families that want an office, craft room or playroom in their house, as well as a place for their guests to sleep. Really, a Murphy bed is an excellent addition for just about anyone.

2. Does installing a Murphy bed mean I’ll lose wall space?

Murphy Bed Partially Closed

Murphy Bed OpenMurphy beds have evolved over time. Murphy beds used to be concealed by decorative cabinet doors or a decorative panel that could be pulled down to reveal the bed. And while Murphy beds like this still exist, design professionals are getting much more creative when it comes to maximizing space. Now, rather than simply being a bed folded against a wall, many Murphy beds incorporate useful features like shelves, ledges and drawers.

This means that your Murphy bed could be surrounded by shelving and drawers where you can store bedding and other household items for the room. You can even build a Murphy bed that incorporates bookcases that slide out or pivot to reveal the Murphy bed. This creative and stylish concept enables you to use the same wall your Murphy bed is installed on for all sorts of storage. You’re not only creating an additional sleeping area for guests, you’re also creating a beautiful piece of furniture that becomes a focal point for the room.

3. How comfortable are Murphy beds?

What makes Murphy beds stand apart from other concealed bed solutions, such as sleeper sofas, is that you aren’t limited in mattress selection. Custom Murphy beds enable you to choose the mattress that you really want—whether it’s pillow-top or firm, and whether it’s 12 inches deep or 15 inches deep. Because Murphy beds are custom built, you can choose your mattress first and we’ll build your bed to incorporate it. No thin mattresses, no springs digging into your guests’ backs, no sleepless nights.

As an added benefit, the mattress in your Murphy bed will be supported by wooden slats instead of slab of wood, in most cases. Wooden slats provide ventilation and support but still allow for some “give,” creating a comfortable sleeping experience.

4. Are Murphy beds easy to raise and lower?

Murphy Bed Open 2Whether your Murphy bed is a twin, full, queen or king, it easily folds down from the wall when your guests are ready to go to sleep. When you build a custom Murphy bed with the Closet Works, our installers balance the weight of your specific mattress with the bed’s spring-loaded mechanism so that folding the bed down from the wall and back up is effortless for anyone—no muscles needed.

5. Will Murphy beds fit with my style of décor?

As we mentioned, Murphy beds have come a long way in their evolution—they’re no longer just cabinets that conceal a bed. Murphy beds now serve as both functional and stylish pieces of furniture for your home, condo or apartment. A custom Murphy bed can be built with cabinets, drawers and shelves that match your style, and provide added storage for the room your Murphy bed is in. That means it’s a natural extension of your home office, den, craft room or finished basement.

Custom Murphy beds can be built in over 100 colors and finishes, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to add a concealed bed to your home that blends in with the rest of your décor.

With a concealed Murphy bed, your office, craft room or even living room can function as it was intended, and then transform into a comfortable sleeping space for your guests.

What other questions do you have about Murphy beds? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re interested in learning more about completely custom Murphy beds from The Closet Works, request a free, in-home design consultation.


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