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The Top Reasons to Partner with a Closet Designer

Working with a closet designer isn’t something that just the wealthiest people do. It’s for everyone, including you, because it’s the smartest way to design a great closet.

You could buy a prefabricated wardrobe or a set of racks to mount inside your walk-in or reach-in closet, but those things aren’t designed for your home. They can never fit as well as a custom system, and they’re not especially attractive, either. But the Closet Works has expert designers waiting to help you create the closet of your dreams.

Here are some of the top reasons you should take advantage of professional closet Designers.

Beautiful walk-in closet with seating area, custom cabinets with mirrors and vanity

Better Utilization of Your Space

Anyone can hang clothing on a bar. But if your closet is like many others, it’s hard to get creative when there’s so much wasted space. If your closet’s single hanging bar is jam-packed and the floor is a jumbled mess of shoes and accessories, it might not be that you own too many things, but that you simply need a better way to organize them.

The Closet Works designs every closet system in a way that uses the available space to its fullest extent. You could have room for twice as many things as you have now once your new system is customized and installed.

Custom walk-in closet and wardrobe organized

Special Storage Solutions

There’s so much more to a great closet system than just a hanging bar and shelves. You could have cubbies, slanted shelves, baskets and even an island or a bench inside. A built-in hamper is a great idea, and so are custom drawers with a velvet lining for all of your jewelry.

Then there are more highly specialized accessories. Tie and belt racks are convenient, and so is a valet bar where you can hang today’s outfit while you’re getting ready. An ironing board that tucks inside a drawer and swivels out when you need it makes bulky ironing boards a thing of the past.

Easier to Stay Organized

There are no two ways about it. When you have a place for everything, it’s easier to keep everything in its place. No wonder clothes and shoes sometimes land outside a jumbled closet. Who wants to wrestle with all of the things inside just to put something away? It’s much easier to drape a jacket over a chair and leave shoes in the middle of the floor.

A custom designed system makes staying organized easier for everyone, even the kids. With kid-friendly accessories, keeping toys and clothes picked up and in their place takes no more effort than dropping them around the house.

Woman opening door to show off ogranized and tidy home

One-on-One Consultative Process

Any time you work with a designer from the Closet Works, you get a one-on-one consultation in your home. Because every person and home is different, our professional designers ask a lot of questions, and then they listen to what you have to say.

Listening is the only way we can collaborate effectively to produce the best closet system that reflects your needs and your personal taste. Your designer will create a computer-generated drawing that shows your new closet in detail, and you get to keep it. There’s never a charge for this service, either.

Once your design is complete, your closet starts to come to life. It’s custom fabricated in our shop using the components and finishes that you choose, and then our professional installers arrive to assemble the system in your home. We take great care to deliver something that you’ll be proud to own, and that you’ll enjoy using every day.

A closet system gives you more space than you ever realized you had, which means you can get your home organized and keep it that way. What better way to make the most of the space that you’ve got? Contact us to schedule a free design consultation today.

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