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Twenty-One Organization Tips: A Guide for Working From Home in 2021

Getting organized in 2021 brings a new set of challenges. The COVID pandemic has forced us all to remain confined to our homes. At first glance, the requirement to stay home seems like a dream come true. After days turn into weeks and weeks into months, however, the stay-at-home order has us all on edge. The combination of working from home and home-schooling our children along with limited leisure has left many of us unorganized amongst congested and cluttered spaces.

How do you keep your work and personal space separated and organized with minimal clutter? How can you maximize your storage? We at The Closet Works have 21 organization tips from our space optimization specialists in our Twenty-One Organization Tips for 2021 Guide. This free and easy-to-use guide can be applied to each room in your home on a daily basis to keep your organizing consistent and thorough.

Here Are 21 Organization Ideas for 2021

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Identify your goals             

Organization first begins with the identification of one’s goals. What is it that you want to organize and why? What is your biggest frustration?

A recent article by Refinery29, a prominent women’s magazine, states, “Legendary organization guru Marie Kondo urges the importance of painting a picture for yourself. After all, if you don’t know what you’re aiming for, it can be hard to achieve it. Think about what kind of house you want to live in and how you want to live in it.” This is where the fun comes in, allowing for creativity and imagination. When considering the home you want to live in, we recommend browsing Pinterest, as well as looking online at home and garden websites such as to create a vision board. Keep in mind your limitations, however, to avoid failed expectations. Really consider, though, how you currently utilize space and what improvements could be made to make it more functional, as well as alluring, and more like home.

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Create a routine

Before you organize your space, you need to organize yourself. Establish a routine and timeframe that works with your schedule and has minimal distractions. Working from home means constant calls and interruptions. Children at home means… well, we all know what that means! Set aside time in your schedule where the phone is turned off and you can focus on a specific organization task. Taking 15 minutes now can save hours down the road.

For example, you could start by going through your shoes and determining which pairs you no longer wear so they can be donated or given to a family member or friend. Then, set a goal such as for every new pair of shoes that comes in, one pair you do not wear will be donated or tossed, depending on its condition. Not only will you be out with the old, but you’ll have space for the new. Once you’re done with shoes, you can then move onto accessories and so on. Starting small and setting realistic goals allows you to see consistent progress and keeps you motivated to continue the process.

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Establish your organization tolerance level

Tolerance depends on the individual, thus, you will need to ask yourself what is your level of organizational tolerance? Meaning, do you walk into a disastrous family room not noticing any of the mess or do you immediately descend into anxious chaos at the site of a single tv remote laid astray? Determine what level of tolerance brings you peace of mind because this will help determine a course of action without the overwhelming feeling that you must fix everything here and now.

Once you spend the time needed to get organized, the next round of decluttering should be easier, rarely daunting, and less time consuming. This is because you will have adjusted previous behaviors that did not work and replaced them with a good foundation with organizational habits in place. As a result, you will have a space that brings you joy, reflects who you are and adds to the tranquility of your life. Foremost, you will have gained time to spend on priorities such as quality time with family and friends. That piece is priceless.

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