Murphy bed neatly made for guests

The Value and Benefits of a Space Saving Wall Bed

Wall beds, better known as Murphy beds, were patented by William Lawrence Murphy in the beginning of the 20th century. Murphy was hoping to transform his one room apartment with limited space into a room that could function as both a bedroom for himself, and as a parlor for his guests. Hence the creation of what is now known as the Murphy bed.

Murphy beds have evolved over the years from the initial simple wall bed. Designers have embraced the basic concept and developed units that allow for a wide array of options, vastly improving on the original idea in terms of convenience, utility and design so as to create a comfortable sleeping place and a second multi-use space in the blink of an eye.

Murphy Beds Design

Space Saving Bed Features

Murphy beds save space because the bed folds up flat against a wall when not being used.  The configuration of the unit allows for the bed to be stored either vertically or horizontally to provide the best utility and aesthetic. This basic concept permits multiple options for using the now available space in dwellings as diverse as apartments, dorm rooms, travel trailers, RVs and almost any house where a dual-purpose room would prove useful. Because the beds no longer dominate the floor space in any given room and the bed can be transformed quickly into “sleep mode”, the space can now be used easily for almost any purpose. Today’s designs often make it seem as if there is no bed in the room at all. When a sleeping space is not needed, the wall bed enables the space to be used as a family room, library, den, craft room, home office or almost any other purpose you might require. If, like many of us, you need a guest room from time to time but don’t have enough space to allow for a full time guest suite, you can now create a comfortable, easily accessible spare bedroom in just a few seconds and still have a great useable space for all of those times when you don’t have a house guest.

Murphy bed opened in organized office space

Murphy Beds Easily And Quickly Setup and Break Down

A regular cot or air mattress has to be set up and broken down after each use. They are typically housed in a closet and can take up a lot of valuable storage space. In addition, they are simply not comfortable. Cots are bulky, do not utilize regular mattresses and often have a bar in the middle for support which can be uncomfortable and cause back pain. Air mattresses tend to deflate, losing their firmness and often slide and move along the floor. Murphy beds fold up and down easily even keeping the bed made and prepared for next use. They use standard mattress sizes including single, twin, queen and king and have slats in place of a box spring which provide superior support and comfort.

Murphy beds are unique because you can enjoy a king size bed with useful and beautiful cabinetry as an integral part of the piece, or you can have a spare twin bed in a room that only has enough space for a small cabinet. The design options are limited only by available space, the imagination of the Designer and budget. Your project cab be simple or spectacular. But most important is that your need will be fulfilled in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way. The mattress is stored inside the main cabinet, and side cabinets can provide storage for bulky comforters, pillows and bed linens. Depending on the dual use of the space, the utility of the cabinetry can be designed to meet the needs of the activity that will take place in the room when the bed is not needed.

Wall unit with bifold doors open and wall bed open

Wall Bed Design Options

Design options for your Murphy bed are customizable and can complement any décor. Size, finish, style, color and texture are all part of the options available and associated pieces can be created to meet your specific tastes, requirements and project budget to ensure that your new Murphy bed makes your home more space efficient, comfortable and beautiful.

Hinged swing open bookcase with Murphy Bed

If you want to learn more about how a Murphy bed can enhance the livability of your home  please reach out to us for a free design consultation. You will be surprised and delighted by what possibilities exist to help you solve your space utilization problems.

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