Stylish mudroom organized with locker style cubbies

The Value of Having an Efficient Mudroom

Mudrooms often act as the main entry point in many homes. Within these areas, homeowners must integrate systems that are both ascetically pleasing and functional for those utilizing the space. Having the proper storage and organization in place keeps clutter from piling up on the floor and from creeping into other areas. Having an organized place to store coats, jackets, bags, gloves, hats, and more also keeps these frequently used items easily accessible when walking in and out of the door. Belongings will stay out sight but not out of the way.

Here are some of ways a mudroom can add value to your home

Mudroom Ideas

Keeps dirt, grease, and anything else on shoes from being tracked through the home

It is called a mudroom for a reason, a place where people take of muddy boots and shoes. Whether it is on your shoes or the paws of your four-legged friend, dirt, grime, chemicals or other bacteria on grass and sidewalks can get tracked through your home and do damage to carpets and floors. In a 2015 article by the University of Utah,  Cindy Gellner, MD, a pediatrician at University of Utah Health, had this to say: “Your shoes come in contact with bacteria from restroom floors and the outdoors. Unless you remove your shoes or clean them, you can transfer the bacteria indoors.” Ninety percent of bacteria including E. Coli found on shoes can be transferred to tile or carpet. Having the right shoe storage in place, including a bench, allows for shoes to be taken off when entering the home and reduces the risk of tracking harmful elements on your shoes throughout the home. Benches also provide a great place where you can sit and wipe off your pet’s paws when coming in from the outdoors.

Makes efficient use of the space in your entryway

A custom mudroom design will maximize the available storage space and optimize for functionality. Whether it is tall wall cabinets or cubbies for each member of the family, your entryway should be designed with the proper storage for your needs. This could include storage underneath a bench or in the cabinets above. Mudroom lockers are a great and trending solution for families and provide each member with their own dedicated space to house their gear. It also helps them keep their belongings organized and from being spread out throughout the entryway. Store and organize pet supplies and keep items like leashes and towels accessible as well as accessory items like umbrellas and handbags. If you are more active, proper storage can be customized for outdoor gear like bike helmets, tennis rackets, baseball gloves and other sports equipment.

Organized mudroom with locker style cubbies

Diverse storage options and accessories for diverse needs

Accessories can be as simple as hooks for coats, jackets and backpacks or baskets for hats, gloves and scarves or drawers and cubbies for sports gear. More substantial options include a storage chest or custom furniture unit. There are a variety of choices and options to suit your needs. You can choose open shelving or cabinets or concealed storage with doors, if you prefer. Stylish finishing options not only make a good first impression with anyone entering your home, but provide practical and functional storage and organization.

This combination of highly effective design and practical elegance can be difficult to achieve without expert help. Many homeowners are now turning to experts for their home improvement needs. Contact us for a free design consultation. Qualified Designers can offer great mudroom ideas and are available to help you achieve your dream home renovation!

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