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What’s the Best Size for a Walk-In Closet?

There’s a reason the name of our game is custom closets. One-size-fits-all solutions aren’t feasible for most people—every person, family, and home will need a solution that’s a little different based on their unique situations. 

When discussing closets, one of the questions we get asked often is “What’s the ideal size for a walk-in closet?” Before we answer that question, there are some other important things you’ll want to consider first. 

Let’s first define ‘closet.’ 

A closet is a predetermined space in your home created for storage. Most of the time, the space is already built into your house, so the size isn’t usually negotiable. 

There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are fortunate enough to oversee the construction of your home, then you have more say in the size of your closet space. Some people and families convert other areas or rooms in their home to additional closet space. In these circumstances, you could choose which room size best fits your expectations. 

Size does not equal how much you can fit in your space.

With the right closet accessories and an eye for space-saving storage solutions, a small closet can hold as much—maybe even more—than ample space in a closet that’s poorly utilized! 

Take a common shoe storage design, for example. Most people store their shoes in slanted shelving on the floor, which takes up floor space and makes a room feel smaller. Plus, you have to bend down every time you want to look through your shoes. With slanted shoe storage shelves and cubbies, you can free up floor space and have easy access to your shoes. 

Cramped Closet Checklist 

This can seem like an overwhelming task, but don’t think of it as counting every single shirt you own. Take it one step at a time. 

Question #1: Who will be using the closet?

A closet shared between spouses will have different requirements than a closet shared between children, or a space you occupy alone. These requirements will help determine the next piece of this puzzle.

For couples, keeping your clothing separate can help keep the flow of traffic moving in the morning so you can both get out the door on time.

Extendable pull-down closet rods and lower-hanging rods can be helpful for children to reach the clothes they need in the morning. 

Question #2: What needs to be stored?

We already know the closet is where you’ll hang blouses and slacks, but do you have an extensive shoe or handbag collection? Do you have valuable jewelry you want to secure? Do you have a box of collectibles or hobby supplies you want to make easily accessible? 

Consider installing a wall unit or a space-saving wardrobe for extra storage. Answering this question can determine what type of closet will best suit your lifestyle.

Question #3: What do you use your closet for?

A vanity allows you to store items like jewelry and cosmetics while providing a place to get ready in the morning. If you’re more of a get-ready-in-the-bathroom type of person, a vanity in your closet may not be the best use of space. 

A closet can also be a great space to fold and put away clean laundry or pack a suitcase for a trip. If this sounds appealing, consider having an island in your closet where you have the extra space you need. With all of the countertop options we offer, an island is a great way to bring some more personality to your space. These are all important considerations for your closet space.

Questions #4: Do you need lighting?

Lighting in a closet is a benefit not only when searching through your wardrobe, but it can also open up the space by giving the illusion of more room.

If you have a special collection to showcase—handbags, shoes, etc.—lighting can also give special items the spotlight they deserve. 

Choose the Right Team 

When you have the right team behind you, you can find a walk-in closet solution that goes beyond your needs to make life a little easier. 

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