Women's closet organized for morning routine

What’s your Closet Personality Type?

What’s your closet personality? Are you an adorably compulsive organizer who could teach Martha Stewart a thing or two – or did you love the clean serenity of choosing a few beautiful possessions and embracing simplicity? Choosing a closet style to match your personality type not only makes tidying up easier, it allows you to fully incorporate your storage spaces into your home and lifestyle, too.

Martha, Martha, Martha

The domestic diva herself would be envious of your organization and style. You actually know how to refold a fitted sheet – and your socks are sorted by fiber, color and season. If you’re one of those lucky few who is born with an innate sense of order, the best closet system for you is the one with lots of nooks and crannies. Plenty of shelves cubbies and even a built into counter for perfectly folding sweaters, t-shirts and accessories in a dedicated, walk in closet setting provides a haven for the organized diva and allows you to categorize your clothing and accessories any way you’d like.

Martha Stewart style walk-in closet neatly organized with a chic feel

Simply Zen

“Out with clutter, in with peace” is your motto. If you crave the simplicity of a spare wardrobe that contains only the pieces that fit you perfectly and that you love, a spare but not boring closet design is your best bet. Look for a clean, sophisticated wardrobe piece with drawers and doors to protect your timeless, classic wardrobe and to create a serene and comforting ambiance, too.

Secret Hoarder

People turn to you for home decorating and organization advice and you always look pulled together – but you have a secret, lurking behind your standard closet doors. Clothing and accessories from every decade and recent trend are stashed in every available space, and you have overflowing rubber tubs of clothing that is “just a little too small” or “not quite big enough” tucked out of sight under your bed or in the hall closet. You can’t resist a great bargain and the sheer magnitude of your wardrobe is overwhelming; it’s easier to close the door than it is to face the task of thinning the herd.

Simply increasing your space by taking advantage of your entire closet, including the vertical space, can help you fit everything in and face the bag after bag after bin of clothing. As a bonus, you’ll fall in love with your clothing all over again as you rediscover pieces you forgot you purchased, but that fit perfectly and are ready to wear.

Traditional style men's reach-in closet

Whirling Dervish

You may not be a teenager anymore, but you can’t tell that by looking at your bedroom. Clothing hands from every surface, from the backs of chairs to the foot of your bed. You may have had a vanity table once, but it has been buried in clothing since you moved in. Photos of hurricane or tornado devastation resemble your bedroom – and your closet is mostly empty, or contains a few bare hangers and some bridesmaid dresses from 2010.

Choosing a system that allows you to easily determine where items should go and that has lots of functional space will help you remember to put things away. If dropping items where you take them off is an issue, a built in hamper or clothes bin is a must and will allow you to actually remember which pieces still need to be laundered. Simple organizational furniture pieces and accessories can help you take baby steps towards getting organized and allow you to reclaim your space.

Hobbit Home Dweller

You live where real estate is at a premium – and it shows! Your tiny home is adorable, but you absolutely have to maximize every inch of space. Your problem is likely not the lack of organization, but few areas to put your items away. Creating space in every drawer, pantry or closet in your home is essential, so a custom solution designed to maximize every inch of space will help you get the most from your comfortably small home.

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