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Why a Zoom-Room Bed Is a Great Addition to Any Room

Imagine that you have a vision for your bedroom, down to the last detail. It is a small room, but you know exactly how to decorate it in a way that will be stylish and modern. However, you have a problem. There is no room left for a bed without making the room look tacky, compromising your bedroom vision. To fit a bed without compromising on a great aesthetic bedroom design, choosing a hidden bed is an ideal decision.

The Zoom-Room bed is a custom bed that is designed to fit in with any bedroom design you desire since, when you aren’t sleeping, it is truly out of sight and out of mind.

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A Zoom-Room Bed Is “Undetectably” Elegant

The Zoom-Room bed is a masterpiece of undetectable elegance, thanks to its remote controlled bed frame and sleek European-inspired design. The bed frame is designed to retract at the touch of a wireless remote, which allows it to deftly slide under the piece of furniture that houses the bed.  In essence, the Zoom-Room bed is basically a Murphy wall bed turned extraordinary thanks to its remotely controlled retraction capability.

The furniture you use to hide the bed is completely up to you since the bed is compatibly hidden by whatever furniture you wish to put in front of the bed. After the bed fully retracts, the sleek wall bed will be completely undetectable, allowing your room to look great without the space-hogging aspects of a traditional bed.

The Zoom-Room Comes in a Wide Range of Sizes Without Taking Up Floor Space

One of the best aspects of the Zoom-Room bed is that you are not limited to one size when choosing the bed. Some wall beds are only available as Full beds, but the Zoom-Room bed is available as a Twin, Queen or King sized bed as well, which lets you choose the perfect space-saving bed for your needs.

For a smaller living space, such as an apartment, the Zoom-Room bed is a great way to fit a King bed into a compact living space while still maintaining maximum space functionality during the day. If you live in a studio apartment where your room single room has to be everything at all times, it can’t be overstated how helpful it is to have a retractable bed that only takes up space when you are ready for sleep.

You Don’t Even Need a Traditional Bedroom to Enjoy the Zoom-Room

While the example at the outset of the article involved bedroom space, the Zoom-Room bed doesn’t have to be limited to a bedroom. Since the Zoom-Room bed is completely hidden, it is perfect for studio apartments, living rooms, guest rooms or wherever else you see fit.

No matter which room of the house would be best for the Zoom-Bed, you or your guests can enjoy comfortable memory foam in seconds, turning any room into a comfortable bedroom in the blink of an eye.

Middle aged couple enjoying a comfortable zoom room bed

The Zoom-Room Bed Combines Effortlessly with a Custom Organization System

The Zoom-Room bed ultimately requires some piece of furniture to be placed over the bed, or else its sleek and space-saving advantages become an eyesore. One of the best furniture choices to pair with the Zoom-Room bed is a custom organization system or a custom designed wall unit and media center.

In all cases, it is easy to find the perfect custom solution for your Zoom-Room retractable bed, allowing your creative vision and comfort to become natural allies in your living space.

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