Closet Organization Systems: Saving You From the Stress of Your Own Clutter

Most people love the idea of a roomy, open closet in their home, apartment or condo. And though it’s a real bonus, unless those closets are carefully planned  with  well-designed closet organization systems, they really aren’t being used to their maximum capability. And even worse, we can easily get stressed out with our own clutter. So read on for ways The Closet Works helps create a stress-free custom closet design for you and your family.

Having a professionally designed closet organization system can transform your closets from mere wide open spaces to clever and efficient storage areas that can make life easier, save you time and create a wonderful feeling of contentment every time you open your closet door.


beautiful walk in closet organization system with no clutter

What’s the Purpose of a Professionally Designed Closet?

A closet organization system that is designed specifically for you and your belongings can make finding things faster than when you have to root around in a cluttered and disorganized space. If you think about how much time you spend searching for a particular pair of shoes or that favorite sweater or necktie, you’d be amazed at how much time gets wasted, especially when you can better spend that time having breakfast before work or not rushing to get there. Life becomes a lot less hassle when your clothes and accessories are in their place. 

There’s many things to consider that a custom closet provides you. It can provide you with the tools to organize your shoes by style, color or function with a series of different storage methods such as flat shoe shelves for sneakers and everyday shoes; cubbies for sandals, flats and flip-flops; and slanted shoe shelves for heels.

Similarly, a custom closet strategically accounts for all of your other clothes too. It can provide plenty of shelves to help you store folded t-shirts, sweaters and dress shirts, as well as hanging storage so you can store dresses, suits and dress pants. Shelves with doors with glass inserts can help you display your handbag collection, and  drawers with velvet or finished birch inserts can help you keep jewelry and small clothing items organized. A professionally designed custom closet provides the right spot for all of your wearables.

Walk in closet finished in dark wood with pull down rods

What is Intelligent Closet Design?

Closet systems are composed of various components, each designed to perform a specific function. When your closet is intelligently designed by a professional, everything you need to store is taken into consideration. In other words, we do all the hard work of figuring out the logistics of your space!

Here’s how it works: During your in-home consultation with a Closet Works designer, we’ll take a look at everything you’d like to store in your closet and ask your preferences and goals. The designer will then take a close look at the space and make note of where windows, outlets, vents, returns, access panels and light switches are located, all of which can create design challenges. We can also make recommendations about lighting to help you illuminate your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Next, the designer will create a custom closet design that makes the best use of space, incorporating exactly what needs to be stored where and how you would like to organize it—drawers versus shelves, closed versus open cabinets, racks for ties, belts, scarves, necklaces and other accessories, drawers specifically outfitted to hold jewelry, lingerie, hosiery, underwear and socks. That’s intelligent closet design.

Check out our projects on Houzz to see examples of walk-in closets with these customizable features.

To learn more about our custom closet options or to see how intelligent design can transform your closet, visit our showroom or schedule your free, in-home consultation.