Closets vs. Wardrobes: Options for a Custom Wardrobe

Imagine getting ready in the morning and choosing your favorite outfits and accessories in just seconds. What could you accomplish after you start your day with a little confidence boost? 

You might be thinking, “A custom space to store my clothes sounds amazing, but I don’t have the room.” Maybe you have limited closet space or maybe you generally need more space in your home. No matter your scenario, Closet Works has a solution to simplify your mornings and help get your closet in order. 

Have you considered a custom wardrobe

What’s the difference between a wardrobe and a closet?

Let’s first talk about the differences between a custom closet space and a custom-built wardrobe.

A closet is a predetermined area built into your home. It’s designed to be used for storage. You might have a walk-in closet or one that’s just big enough to peek into. Closets are often closed off with a sliding door or bi-fold door. 

A wardrobe is a space created to provide the same functionality. It’s a piece of furniture that can be built to fit an unused wall space in your home. Wardrobes are typically closed off with doors and drawers, making custom wardrobes ideal for enhancing your home’s style. 

Remember, a custom solution is possible, no matter the size of your space!

White custom wardrobe with glass inserts doors closed White custom wardrobe with glass inserts doors open

A custom wardrobe can provide storage in rooms without closets—whether you need open space for your hanging items, drawers for workout gear and undergarments, or cubbies and shelves for shoes and handbags. These closet organizers can be built in any size to fit your specifications in a style that complements your space. 

How much can a custom wardrobe hold?

Typically a wardrobe can include as many articles of clothing or accessories as a traditional reach-in closet. But that’s the beauty of a custom wardrobe. Depending on your space and what you need stored, your wardrobe can be built specifically for your needs and lifestyle. 

Wardrobes offer hanging space with rods, perfect for sweaters, dresses, slacks, and more. A wardrobe can also be built with drawers for delicate items and accessories. If shoes are a concern, shelves can be built to feature your shoe collection and create an eye-catching display while providing easy access to your favorite footwear. 

Custom wardrobe with pull out shelves

Wardrobes are also a great option for those who have closets, but need a little extra space for additional items like special occasion garments or shoes that get worn less frequently. 

Won’t a wardrobe take up too much space?

A wardrobe can be built to fit your space. If you have a blank wall, you have yourself a beautiful storage solution that fits perfectly in the space you have allocated. 

A good place to start? Decide what kind of space you have available for your wardrobe piece. From there, determine how much storage your wardrobe will require so you know just how much space you’ll need.  

Custom wood wardrobe closet with sliding doors closed Custom wood wardrobe closet with sliding doors slid open

When you choose elements to customize your wardrobe, they can blend seamlessly into your current style of decor. There are various options available for crown molding, beautiful glass doors, and lighting features. The great thing about a wardrobe is that it can provide additional space while looking like it belongs with the other features of your home. 

What are the style options for my wardrobe? 

There are a few things to consider when choosing the style of your wardrobe closet. 

To restate the most important first step, think about the amount of space you have available. For example, If you are trying to be more conservative with your custom wardrobe space, consider sliding doors or sleek designs with limited crown molding. You can also choose to have a countertop built into your wardrobe for additional space. 

If you do have more space to work with, consider a fold-out door and slide-out shelves for handbags or shoes. 

Next, you’ll want to determine what materials and hardware would look the best in your current space. Your wardrobe can be built in a variety of colors and finishes, from warm tone brown to cool tone taupes. Our color palette page allows you to sort through the 90+ color, finish and texture options we have available. 

We have extensive decorative hardware options to add the perfect finishing touch. If you prefer a sleek and timeless design, check out our elegance or high-style collections. If you prefer hardware that will add a unique touch to your wardrobe, browse our regency or whimsical collections—sometimes all you need is a splash of creativity and fun. 

Ready to enhance your space with an eye-catching and functional display or to finally have the extra storage space you’ve been dreaming of? Click here to schedule a consultation so we can help you create a beautiful piece that makes your space functional and unique!