Countertop Options

From granite to butcher block to HPL or solid surface, we offer a wide variety of beautiful, durable and professionally installed countertop options for you to select from. Read about each below to learn about which type of material works best for your room, needs and taste!

Cabinet with Granite Solid Surface


Granite adds a high-end look to any area, no matter the size. Granite is one of the hardest, most durable stones available so the investment will give you many years of service.

Because it is a natural stone, variations in the stone’s shading and pattern mean every piece is completely unique – just like your project.

A small selection of examples are shown below. However, there is a wide range of granite options are available for all budgets.

Just a Few of the Granite Options Available


Giallo Fantasia

Rosa Beta

Jade Green

Giallo Atlantico

Sapphire Blue


Kashmir White

Gold Delicatus

Dynamite Blue

Garage organization system with butcher block counterspace area

Butcher Block

Butcher block tops are most ideal for cutting surfaces as they won’t dull your knives or tools and are generally more affordable compared to stone or marble counterparts.

Butcher block countertops are available in a variety of wood species that complement our TFL selections. The 1-1/2” thick material provides a substantial and durable work surface for projects.

Colors available in Butcher Block

Black Walnut



Red Oak

Laundry room with white wood finish and washer and dryer under cabinet

Solid Surface

Corian is the branded name for the solid surface option we offer. It is a solid, nonporous material composed of a combination of acrylic and natural minerals. With dozens of color and pattern options, this material provides a wide range to select from. It does not require sealing and is easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it is often more cost-effective than granite or quartz.

Laundry room HPL desktop and counter area


High-pressure laminate, or HPL, is a fantastic, cost-effective and beautiful option for countertop worksurfaces, especially for laundry rooms and desks. This durable material is applied to a thick substrate in our manufacturing facility and can easily be modified to accommodate common issues such as inconsistencies in walls.

With the greatest selection of options, you can design a top that either matches the material of your project or select a coordinating pattern or color for a visually striking look. Hundreds of options are available in just about any pattern: marble- or granite-like, bright colors, metal-like finishes, wood grains and solids – from subdued to eye-catching. Just a few a pictured below.

Just a Few of the HPL Options Available

Milano Amber - 4724

Black Allcante - 4926

Gesso Tracery - 4962

Leche Vesta - 4987

Irish Linen - 4993

Calcutta Lincoln - 5042

Beachwalk - 5044

Weekend Char - 8204

Brittany Blue - D321

Acacia - Y0185

Aged Wall - Y0719

Orange Felt - 4973

Algae - 8796

Earthen Twill - 8828

Silver Oak Herringbone - 9311

Other materials including quartz and marble are available by request.


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