How to Create an All-in-One Guest Room and Hobby Room

When family and close friends stay over, you want to give them a cozy place to relax and recharge. Depending on your current living situation, the only options you have to offer may be an air mattress or a spot on the couch in the family room. 

Not ideal, to say the least! 

Fortunately you don’t have to sacrifice a room in your home to give your guests a more comfortable, private space. The Closet Works has helped countless people maximize the spaces they have available by installing a Murphy bed

Here are some practical uses where a Murphy bed can come in handy, specifically when you have a room that’s doing double duty as a guest room and a hobby room. 

In Your Craft Room or Sewing Room 

No matter your hobby, you likely have a lot of odds and ends in need of a home. For most people, stacks of totes for storage are neither accessible or practical. If you’re constantly shuffling totes from corner to corner in search of supplies, you’ll wind up doing less of the work you love. 

When guests come to stay, those stacks of totes may wind up serving as nightstands and luggage holders. But who really wants to stay in this type of cluttered room? 

One great thing about Murphy beds is that when not in use, they’re stored away vertically or horizontally inside a cabinet within a wall unit. This allows for plenty of customization options, from drawers and cubbies to additional cabinets. You can even give yourself a counter workspace for special projects.

Custom Murphy bed with doors closed in art studio

Tuck away the items you reach for most often like glue sticks and scissors in drawers, and create unique displays—think glass jars with puff balls or colorful popsicle sticks—for your cubbies. If art is your hobby, you’ll also be happy to know we can install vertical cubbies to accommodate larger canvases. 

When guests come to visit, they’ll admire your work instead of getting buried in an avalanche of craft supplies! 

In the Kids’ Play Room 

Let’s face it: Grandma loves her grandkids, but she probably doesn’t want to sleep on an air mattress surrounded by Legos and Matchbox cars. 

Not only will a Murphy bed give her (and others who come to visit) a more comfortable place to stay, but it will also help provide more organization in a room that can be chaotic.

Kids closet neatly organized

A great way to teach your children about organization is by giving them a dedicated space for their toys. This can include bookshelves for their favorite bedtime stories, cabinets for storing doll houses and accessories, and pull-out drawers for tucking away coloring books and crayons. 

At the end of the day when the kids are in bed, Grandma can effortlessly lower the Murphy bed down from the wall and get a great night of sleep. 

In Your Music Room 

If you’re a musician, you know floor space is an absolute must for practices and jam sessions. Drum sets, pianos, guitars, amplifiers… all require storage and plenty of space to play. Plus, many of these heavier instruments are difficult to move and can be damaged if they’re moved or stored improperly to make way for guests. 

What’s a solution that requires a minimal amount of floor space when guests are in town, but offers the flexibility of being folded away when not in use? You guessed it—a Murphy bed! 

Custom wall bed pulled down between sliding bookshelves

Worried about losing wall space? A Murphy bed can be part of a beautiful piece of furniture. Sheet music, drum sticks, guitar picks, tuners and other accessories can be stored away in drawers and cabinets for easy access. 

Best of all, pull-out drawers can also be great for pillows and bed linens. Keep them stored out of the way, but in a place that’s easy to reach for when guests arrive. 

In Your Workout Room 

Have you ever tried to fit a treadmill or workout bench in the same room as a guest bed? It’s a tight fit. Unless your idea of a workout is running on the treadmill and then crawling across the bed Parkour-style to get to your weights, a home gym and guest room combo can be hard to achieve. 

Not with a Murphy bed. If a twin bed makes sense for your needs, your Murphy bed will require very little space in your workout room. If you need a larger mattress, you can still arrange stationary equipment like treadmills and ellipticals for when guests sleep over and give yourself plenty of open space to complete your daily workout routine. 

Organized workout room

Ready to start planning for your Murphy bed? Reach out today for a free consultation! The peace of mind of knowing you can host guests in your home and do the activities you love is worth the investment!