How to Create the Ultimate Entertainment Space in Your Home

Over the last few years, we have shared numerous blogs pertaining to the importance of creating entertainment spaces, also known as a media centers, in your home. This year is no exception, but rather, representative of why it is crucial to have a dedicated space to entertain ourselves. Ask yourself: when was the last time you went to the movie theater, a sports stadium or a concert? Your answer (most likely) is not since the COVID-19 pandemic started! Truly, COVID-19 has robbed all of us of past-times we used to use to de-stress. We need those kinds of immersive experiences now more than ever. To disappear, to escape, or to forget is the goal for some people. While for others, the objective is to reconnect with their family, their friends and the topics that interest them in a safe and controlled environment; a place where the worries of the world can’t break in. Thus, we present to you the entertainment space/media center. This perfect, centralized location in your home is where everyone and anyone who resides within can go and be distracted from “the now.”

Media Center and Entertainment area with floating shelves

With that said, below you can find descriptions of the archetypal types of entertainment spaces/media centers there are, as well as an in-depth look into the beneficial features of each option. What’s great about these designs is that all of them can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

Floating Shelves With a Wall Mount

This option is great for those who already have their T.V. mounted on the wall but want to add storage and shelving, all while maintaining a streamlined look with very little space used. Floating shelves can easily be installed and come in an array of different color options and textures, such as our new color Winter Time, which is a richly textured wood grain with a grey hue, very similar to the project pictured below. Concealed storage reduces the appearance of clutter and produces a clean look. The entire design should reflect your style – some people prefer to apply decorative hardware while others want to maintain a sleek look, so they opt out of using any hardware at all.

Media centr with floating shelves

A Custom Hutch for Storage

If you’re the kind of homeowner who collects books, movies and trinkets with the intention putting them on display, then a custom hutch is the entertainment center for you. Starting top to bottom, crown molding used can be selected from a wide array of options, such as traditional, custom two- or three-tiered, contemporary or box molding. The number and arrangement of shelves is entirely up to you based on what you are showing off. What if you’re the kind of person who wants the look of a hutch but would like to conceal all of your material possessions? You can then choose to have drawers and doors that either swing or lift up to open. The type of material is completely up to you, with options such as glass or mirror center panels and multiple style options in beveled shaker, shaker, traditional or slab. Lastly, be cognizant of the fact that hutches will require a certain amount of wall and floor space – if this option appeals to you, check to make sure you have the room for it!

Media center and entainment unit with white cabinets

The Ultimate Wall Unit

Sports fans, movie fiends and tech fanatics, rejoice! The ultimate wall unit is perfect for you because you either have, or will be, dedicating an entire wall and a decent amount of floor space in your house to the creation of your very own home theatre. Dedicating an entire wall of one’s home to a media center is an investment in your home. With that said, it is safe to assume that those who are choosing to make entertainment a priority in their lives with tech and gadgets like a surround sound speaker system, a large screen T.V., perhaps a few gaming consoles and various media, recognize the importance of appropriate storage to take care of their equipment. You should have access to a team of expert Designers and craftsman who are committed to the success of your project because that’s what makes a great partner (regardless of which partner you choose to work with). What is most important is that you have an idea of the kind of accents you want with your unit. Are you interested in a smooth or deep texture surface for your cabinets? Do you prefer closed or open storage? If you prefer closed storage, do you want transparency, an opaque approach or wood? Remember: the aesthetic features and finishes you select should all match your style and the décor of the space.

Media center with doors and cabinetry

Whether you prefer a streamlined modular approach or a custom hutch with plenty of storage, a media center/entertainment space will provide you and your family with the functionality you need, all while designed to your preference.

Entertainment Center with beautiful wood cabinets

Interested in learning more about getting organized or The Closet Works’ custom closet installations? Contact us today for a free design consultation with one of our professional designers. For those who want to create the ultimate wall unit but may be hesitant due to financial reasons, fear not – we at The Closet Works are always offering great promotional deals.