His and Her Walk-in Closet With Options

Create a beautiful and functional space for both him and her with all the options needed to get organized.

A his and hers closet that feels like just yours! This closet features a space that feels like your own. This closet features two completely separate areas for both peoples’ clothing and accessories.

His and Her Walk-Closet with two rooms and divider

Special Design Features

1. Functional Accessories

White custom walk-in closet with belt and tie racks

You want to start your day with plenty of time, so knowing where your favorite accessories are is a staple. This closet comes equipped with ample belt & tie storage so finding the final piece to your outfit for the day is as simple as reaching over and finding the one that suits you best. Display your favorite baseball caps on an open shelf with collectibles, as well.

2. Sectioned Spaces

Walk-in closet with open shelving and shoe shelves

There’s no competing for space in this walk-in with a his and hers type of layout. With separate spaces, getting ready at the same time in the morning is a breeze. Her closet features simple adjustable shoe storage for a large shoe collection and plenty of room above for displaying handbags. No space goes unused! Open shelving and a set of drawers replaces the need for furniture and, because it is customized to exacting specifications, it fulfills all needs.

3. Shoe Storage Options

Double hanging shelves in walk-in closet with shoe shelvesHaving a functional space to store your favorite items keeps them in shape so they last for years to come. But what makes it even better is having a place to display those treasured items! Everyday footwear can be stored on shelves or cubbies within the closet for accessibility and a top shelf is great of showcasing those you reach for less frequently.

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