Elegance & Organization United

Offering a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

Get organized with a sophisticated and functional walk-in closet designed specifically for your needs. Elegant Black finish with shaker-style drawers coordinate with other elements in the room and showcase an expansive wardrobe. With features like triple hanging space, shoe towers with a bench and plenty of drawers, every inch is meticulously crafted.

Special Design Features

Pull down hang rods and a large drawer for clothes and accessories.

1. Innovative Features – Pull-Down Rods

Pull-down hang rods make use of high ceilings to allow for 3 levels of hanging space for infrequently-used or seasonal items. A large drawer bank eliminates the need for a dresser and provides a counter space for showcasing favorite items, making this design both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Show towers in walk-in closet around picture window

2. Shoe Storage Sections

A walk-in closet isn’t merely a storage unit; it’s a dedicated, personalized space that can be as luxurious as it is useful. Customized shoe towers provide the perfect storage surrounding a picture window and optimizing the available space. Our custom solutions cater to all shoe types using adjustable shelves to ensure all footwear has a home. From sandals to sneakers to heels to boots – they are not only organized but proper storage will preserve their longevity. A bench makes use of otherwise wasted space and is a place to have a seat while preparing for the day.

Organized closets and shelves that are stretched from wall to wall.

3. Customized For Your Space

Every element is designed to fit seamlessly into your room, no matter the configuration. Units step down to follow slanted ceilings, stretch from wall to wall and are designed around existing structural elements, which is something only a custom solution can offer. Indulge in your space where every inch is thoughtfully designed to work for you, making your closet not just a part of your home but a destination in itself.

Organized closet, shelves and drawers with shoes, clothes and other useful accessories.

4. Crafted For You

Every person and every wardrobe has its unique needs. Crafted with your aesthetic and practical desires in mind, our closets are extensions of your lifestyle, offering unmatched flexibility and organization which makes every day smoother and more enjoyable. With just the right type and amount of shelving, drawers and hanging and useful accessories, there is no struggle to fit your things into a space – because the space fits your things!

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