Multi-Functional Walk-In Closets

These walk-in closets have it all and features a cased-in washer and dryer and plenty of accessory storage.

The secret to a happy marriage: separate closets with dedicated space for each person! These feature cased-in laundry appliances, plenty of accessory storage and elegant finishes from top to bottom.

Special Design Features

1. Custom Matching Laundry Cabinets

Her closet features a woodgrain Winter Fun finish with beveled shaker frame style laminated glass door inserts in Organic Cotton. Laundry units within the room are cased in custom matching cabinets to maximize the available space, and this makes doing the laundry a whole lot easier with everything close at hand. This design incorporates a large vanity and bureau and tower units on either side of a large mirror. Everything is finished with contemporary crown molding and base molding.

2. Organization For Him

This master closet, in Latitude West with shaker style doors, has plenty of accessories and design elements to help any man get and stay organized. These include three slide-out tie-out racks, tall side cabinets to hold an expansive shoe collect next to a bench with storage below and a tilt-out laundry hamper. The perfect finishing touch includes contemporary crown and base molding to make this closet functional and ascetically pleasing.

3. Double Hanging Sections

Her walk-in closet also features double hanging sections to keep clothing organized by color, season, type, or whatever your needs dictate. There is also a valet bar which is perfect for setting out an outfit or to use when putting away dry cleaning. Incorporating a mirror on a large door makes it convenient to get dressed up for day or night.

4. Maximizing The Available Space

Each section of the closet is thought out and specifically designed to fit the room to the exact specifications optimizing the available space. Shoe towers utilize all the available space along the wall, and deep corners are designed with open shelving to make use of underutilized areas. Decorative hardware, closet rods, and additional accessories tie everything together with the adjacent rooms.

5. Matte Gold Finishes Complement the Space

Inside the large vanity, these drawer organizers keep jewelry together and ready to grab on the go. The matte gold finish of the decorative hardware perfectly matches closet rods and other accessories.

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