Shoe Storage Haven

For those who love shoes and need the function of efficient storage for their collection.

The Closet Works worked with Professional Organizers Neat Method in Philadelphia to create and organize this shoe storage haven with custom shelving and cabinets to showcase an expansive shoe collection.

Walk-in closet with custom cabinets and shleving for shoe collection

Special Design Features

1. Maximize Storage With Corner Shelving

Organized closet with corner shoe storage

Floor-to-ceiling corner shelving maximizes the available space for the efficient storage of an expansive shoe collection. Beautiful full-length mirrors on the door fronts keep clothing items concealed and give the closet the look and feel of a larger space.

2. Custom Cabinets For Challenging Spaces

Additional walk in closet cabinet

The right cabinet can be designed for challenging spaces like those with sloped ceilings and provide additional functionality and storage.

3. Mirrored Doors

Closet cabinet with mirrored doors open

Mirrored doors are a beautiful and sophisticated way to keep wardrobe items concealed within a cabinet and gives the illusion of a larger space. All while showcasing items like footwear, jewelry and other collectibles within its reflection. Utilize the counter space and mirrors to organize and try on the perfect wardrobe and accessory combination for the day. Every item is organized, close at hand and visible.

4. Adjustable Components

Custom cabinet with double hanging sections and shelves

Custom cabinets can be designed with a variety of storage options in order to most effectively maximize the space and adjust to specific needs. For example, double hanging will take advantage of the vertical space for shorter clothing like slacks and blouses. The shelving above can be adjusted to the specified height to properly store items like baskets, bins and shoeboxes.

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