Simple Customized Closet Organizer

 Closet systems can be designed to fit seamlessly into even the most challenging spaces.

This simple and sophisticated closet system is custom designed for this challenging space, utilizing every nook and cranny. It features hanging sections of various heights to accommodate different types of clothing, adjustable shelves to adapt to changing needs and frosted door inserts to conceal items.

Closet organizer with custom shleves and cabinets

Special Design Features

1. Slanted Ceilings Are No Challenge

Custom closet organized designed for low ceiling space

This custom walk-in wardrobe unit utilizes available space efficiently, even with angled walls and ceilings as well as a soffit. Brushed Aluminum finish in shaker style door and drawer fronts are simple and understated. Lift-up doors are the best solution for the layout and ceiling height.

2. Bring On The Angled Walls

Custom closet corner with custom cabinets and flip-up storage on top

Hanging closet storage at different heights and a custom-fit shelving unit for an angled wall are ideal for neatly storing jeans, pants, blouses, sweaters and more.

Laminated lift-up glass doors conceal belongings and allow full access to the cabinet without obstructing other areas.

3. Storage And Finishing Touches

Closet cabinets designed around low corner ceiling

A well-designed custom closet includes multiple types of storage. Drawers for accessories, socks and delicate garments; plenty of hanging storage for pants, dresses and blouses; as well as shelves for knits.

A mirror above a counter top is perfect for your perfume bottles, displaying collectibles or putting on jewelry.

Polished Chrome decorative hardware with sleek lines adds a modern touch.

4. Utilize Space Effectively

Closet wardrobe with corner cabinets double hanging clothing

Even in tight corners with low ceiling heights, the storage space can be maximized by adding features like double hanging and flip up doors to take advantage and effectively utilize vertical space.

5. Accessories Make All The Difference

Custom closet cabinets with flip up doors above for additional stroage

Accessories play an important role in making a closet truly functional. Valet bars can hold your outfit when planning or hold dry-cleaning. Belt racks can slide out and allow for easy and visible access to a collection. A tilt-open hamper within the cabinet keeps soiled clothing concealed but easily accessible when ready for the wash.

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