What You Can Do With an Entertainment Center

What’s the one requirement for an entertainment center? It just needs a TV – the rest is left to interpretation of what entertainment means to you. Entertainment centers have become essential in the way that we live, much like a bed: we can’t imagine our lives without it. If we’re unable to dedicate an entire space, like a living room, family room or den to an entertainment center, do we let that stop us? Never! We simply adapt and make one of these rooms a dual-purpose space. Not to mention, not all entertainment centers are created equally, meaning that depending on the room they’re in and the requirements of the owner, each will look and be used differently.

Here’s a list of possibilities for you to make your entertainment center your own.

Built in wall unit with custom made media center cabinet

Minimalistic Media Centers

A minimalistic aesthetic is the ideal choice for those who don’t own a lot of knick-knacks or memorabilia, and prefer a clutter-free environment.

A free-standing wall unit, like the one in white depicted below screams simplicity. Did you notice that it also matches the crown molding of the space it’s in? This contributes to the uninterrupted flow of the space, as if the hutch and the walls were one in the same. Because these are custom-made cabinets, other items to be stored, like books and games, can have a home while keeping them out of sight. The only item you’re really focused on displaying is the TV itself, which sits perfectly in its own window, and immediately draws your attention.

Note: DIY solutions may seem ideal, but remember – with a custom-made solution, you don’t have to worry if your television and its hutch will be a perfect fit.

Custom wall unit cabinet with white traditional doors and entertainment center

Let’s say you already have your TV mounted, but your entertainment needs have evolved, thus, your space and its needs have evolved, too.

Floating shelves may be your answer. Not only are you adding storage space and shelving for your photos, knick-knacks and the like, but you’re also removing the headache of moving your TV. Even if you favor extravagance over minimalist, there are options for colors, textures & hardware to suit your taste. Another point to consider is if you’d like to conceal your items or put them on display. Glass inserts can take this traditionally minimalistic approach and transform it into an exhibit.

Custom media center finished in light wood tones with floating shelves

Cozy and Comfortable

Many people would agree that they want their entertainment center to be welcoming and snug – a place where they can relax and unwind. With that said, you can choose to create the ultimate entertainment center, perfect for hanging out with friends on game day, or one that includes your library and encourages you to snuggle up with your favorite book at the end of a long week.

Both of these options are not for the minimalist – they’ll be taking up an entire wall in your house. The difference between the two is only in the features and gadgets you have, which as a result, impacts the look and feel of the room. Also, these two approaches are not mutually exclusive – book lovers and gamers, unite!

For those who want an ultimate entertainment center, you’re going to need the perfect storage solutions to protect your electronics and other equipment from damage and dust. A traditional example of an ultimate unit is pictured below, with machinery hidden behind doors. You can, however, choose to display your gaming console, speaker system and more, if you wish, as long as you have the storage space needed to hold each of these pieces. Don’t forget to consider a ventilation fan inside the cabinet to keep your components from overheating.

Remember: Your entertainment center, your rules!

Media center room with custom cabinets and entertainment area  Custom entertainment center with glass door and drawer inserts

We touched on this above, but those with a library may want to show off their collection, whether it be 10 books or 100. Before you do, however, you and your Designer will need to assess your collectibles and art, determining what you will be displaying, what you will be tucking away and what you need access to most often. Once this inventory is taken, you can then talk about storage solutions like shelving, cabinets and more.

Custom wall unit with entertainment center and fireplace

Formal Areas to Entertain

For some, simplicity is the answer. While others may want to exude sophistication and display the finer things they’ve acquired over the years. Whether you need a space to entertain or you simply want to create your own personal museum in which to reminisce, just the right entertainment center is a no-brainer!

Take for instance, the lovely example below. Not only is the TV the center of the space, but the space itself feels dignified and classic. Collectibles and memorabilia are on display, while other space is available for items to be kept out of sight like CDs, DVDs, and maybe even albums. Remember albums? There are no wires to be seen or other things that might detract from the “look”. And the glass shelving displays your collectibles in style.

Beautiful wall unit with white shaker doors and glass shelves

The types of entertainment centers we’ve outlined above do vary in their look and feel but remember that as you begin to work on your space, the features of each example are not mutually exclusive to one type of person or taste. What we hope you take away from this article is that there are many possibilities for the transformation or your home entertainment space so your guests feel both comfortable and at home.

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