Functional & Attractive Shoe Storage Ideas

When adding the finishing touches to an outfit, your shoes make that outfit complete. Dress shoes can elevate your attire from intern to CEO. The perfect running shoes can make you look and feel confident as soon as you hit the gym. Tall boots make the perfect accessory for your fall-inspired look. 


Each pair of shoes is a tool to complete your look, but each tool needs its own designated space in your closet so digging through piles of shoes in the morning while getting ready for work is a thing of the past. At the same time, noting what needs to be polished or what heels need to be fixed is a huge plus. 

Here are three functional and attractive shoe storage ideas for your home. 

Shoe Cubbies

Shoe shelves are a great resource for a few reasons. They prevent shoes from getting creased and crushed on the floor while also creating an eye-catching display. Cubbies allow you to fit more shoes in the same amount of space by nesting them together. Choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit is easy! 

Shoe shelves are also a great storage solution for smaller closets with limited space. 

What shoes should you store in cubbies?

Consider storing your everyday shoes that require little maintenance. Think flats and Capezio’s. Summer wear, including sandals and flip-flops, and even athletic shoes like running sneakers or cleats are great to store in shoe cubbies. Rule of thumb: anything without big heels!

Slanted Shoe Shelves 

This storage option keeps your shoes off the floor while creating an elegant display. With a catch at the bottom of the slant, you won’t have to deal with shoes that constantly slip off the back and make their way to the floor. Slanted shelves make for great higher storage because every pair of shoes are always angeled in sight. 

What shoes should you store on a slanted shelf?

This is a great option for anyone with an extensive heel collection! Heels are often delicate, so storing them the right way is crucial. By avoiding putting too much pressure on the heel itself, slanted shoe shelves keep your heels in the best possible shape. These shelves can be custom-built to house strappy stilettos, high-heel boots, and more. 

Alternatively, if you want to display dress shoes or shoes you wear for special occasions, slanted shelves are the way to go. 

Pull out shelves 

When it comes to beautiful and efficient shoe storage, despite popular belief, you don’t need a huge walk-in closet. Pull-out shelves are great for storing any style of shoe with limited space. You can fit twice the amount of shoes in a pull-out shelf versus a traditional shelf, one-dimensional display. 

This shelving option comes with as many custom-built sections as you need, which means you can keep your shoes tucked away until it’s time to use them. 

What shoes should you store on pull-out shelves?

The best part about a custom-built pull-out shelf? We can build it to fit your collection! Whether you need cubbies to store your everyday shoes or a special space for your high-heel boots, a pull-out shelf is a great way to save space while still benefiting from the efficiency a Closet Works custom-built project can provide.

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