Garage Storage Ideas For Instant Organization

There are a variety of ways that you may choose to utilize your garage. Maybe you are looking to build a man cave, or a workshop, need a place to store sports equipment, want to create a play space, or simply need a clean area with enough room to park your car. No matter what your goals are, you need ideas to keep your garage space organized and functional in order to ensure that your solution is efficient and suitable for your needs. Everyone has different gear they would like to store that consists of all shapes and sizes. Finding the right way to store items safely so they are also accessible is where some creative solutions are needed.

We’ve compiled some great garage storage ideas that will get you started on creating your dream space.

garage storage idea for organizing outdoor gear


Utilize Wall Space

Making sure items are kept off the floor and put back in the proper location is an important factor in keeping your garage organized. It eliminates tripping hazards as well as the urge to keep stacking or piling up equipment that should be placed away. To eliminate this, utilize the wall space to maximize your storage potential. A slatwall system product such as storeWALL can hold a variety of items regardless of the shape or size, and effectively utilize the vertical space in your garage from floor to ceiling. The components include utility hooks and magnetic bars for tools, wide hooks for sports equipment like tennis rackets, and bike brackets, and tool hooks for shovels and brooms. Baskets and tote bags are great for balls and toys.

garage storage idea with organized wall space

Cabinet Storage

Cabinets are custom-sized and available in a variety of finishes and styles. They are a safe and concealed place to store items and provide a level of protection from moisture, insects, and even curious pets and children. Harmful chemicals can be safely stored and locked. Vertical cabinets are a great storage solution for taller items like golf clubs and keep them accessible, protected, and off the floor. Cabinets can be made deeper to hold bulky items like outdoor furniture cushions. Sliding door cabinets are especially nice and allow you to get what you need even if the car is in the garage.

garage organized with sliding door

Workspace with Tool Storage

Having a place for all types of tools so you know where they are and where to put them back, keeps them from getting lost. One option is an omintrack system which organizes tools on specialized hooks. Tools should be organized and close to your workstation so when you are working on a project, your progress isn’t interrupted by stopping to search for what you need.

garage tools organized on a magnetic bar

Now that your tools are organized, you need a place to work on projects. One option for a work surface is a butcher block countertop. This solid surface is durable and allows you to work without having to worry about scratches, dents and nicks. If you are looking for more flexibility, a great space-saving option is a folding counter space which can provide a great work surface when needed and collapses when it’s not.

Garage with fold down workspace

There are a lot of benefits to having an organized garage and a lot more options you may not be aware of. If you need a little help getting started or have additional questions, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation. Who knows, with a little extra help from the professionals, your garage may become the envy of the neighborhood.