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Granite Top Options

Whether a grand center island or a small work surface, granite adds beauty and value to your home. Every part of your project should thrill you, and an impressive granite counter top is certain to make an impactful statement.

    Granite adds a high-end look to any area, no matter the size. Granite is one of the hardest, most durable stones available so the investment will give you many years of service.

    Because it is a natural stone, variations in the stone's shading and pattern mean every piece is completely unique - just like your project. 

    Granite Tops

    Level 1

    Crema Caramel
    Giallo Fantasia
    Luna Pearl
    Rosa Beta
    Tan Brown
    Bainbrook Brown

    Level 2

    Azul Platino
    Jade Green
    Steel Grey
    Desert Brown
    Black Pearl
    Butterfly Green
    Indian Dakota
    Multi-Color Rosso
    Peacock Green
    Sapphire Blue
    Giallo Atlantico

    Level 3

    Beige Butterfly
    Black Forest
    Coastal Green
    Vyara Juparana
    Verde Maritaka
    Tropical Green
    Tropical Brown
    Tasmanian Green
    Santa Cecilia Classico
    Santa Cecilia Gold
    Silver Pearl
    Baltic Brown
    Absolute Black
    Coffee Brown
    Desert Rose
    Colombo Juperana
    Giallo Antico
    Giallo Fiorito
    Giallo Napoleone
    Giallo Ornamental
    Ivory Chiffon
    Kashmir Gold
    Kashmir White
    Key West Gold
    Madura Gold
    New Venetian Gold

    Level 4

    River White
    Surf Green
    Bianco Romano
    Colonial Cream
    Colonial Gold
    Giallo Veneziano
    Golden Juperana
    Imperial White
    New Colonial Dream
    Premium Black

    Level 5

    Bianco Antico
    Black Galaxy
    Bordeaux Red
    Brazil Bordeaux
    Gold Delicatus
    Grand Canyon
    White Delicatus
    Green Marinace
    Dakota Mahogany
    Imperial Cafe
    Juperana Persia
    Yellow River
    Super White
    Terra Bianca
    White Diamond
    Wild Sea

    Level 6

    Blue Celeste
    Blue Pearl
    Brass Blue
    Crema Bordeaux
    Emerald Pearl
    River Bordeaux
    Sienna Bordeaux
    Typhoon Bordeaux
    Dynamite Blue

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