How Much Does a Murphy Bed Cost?

The cost of a murphy bed is dependent upon numerous factors, including items such as the following:

  1. The size of the actual bed – i.e. twin, full, queen or king
  2. The orientation of the mattress – vertical or horizontal
  3. Whether or not the project includes adjacent cabinetry
  4. The materials and style selected for the cabinetry
  5. The type of decorative hardware that is selected
  6. Lighting, if desired

These items are dependent on available space, personal style and taste, the intricacy of the desired design and, of course, the budget for the project.

Murphy Beds Design

There are other considerations that need to be taken into account when selecting a vendor and creating the scope for the job. For example, there are a number of different manufacturers for the mechanism itself. Some at the lower end of the price range leave a lot to be desired. Some of these mechanisms are not as safe as they could be, with pinch points or insufficient counterbalancing of the weight of the mattress, making the physical effort needed to open and close the bed more difficult.

Frames options offer support in different ways. Some use a flat slab of wood panel as the mattress support, while other utilize a series of curved wooden slats. There is a divergence of opinion on what is more comfortable. But in our experience, ultimately more people seem to prefer the slats. Adjustability for the tension of the mechanism, robustness of the design, materials utilized (for the mechanism) and cost are all factors to be weighed. Making wise decisions up front will result in a project that looks great, functions extremely well providing years of trouble-free performance and outstanding comfort.

A Murphy Bed Can Make Any Space a Multi-Function Space

Many people desire a Murphy bed because they find that they need space for an overnight guest from time to time, but don’t have a spare room to be used solely as a guest room. In this case, a Murphy bed is an excellent solution as you can provide a comfortable bed for guests while still having the ability to use the room for the majority of the time for another purpose. A Murphy bed can be designed to fit seamlessly into a room that might be used as an office, a library, a craft or hobby room, a playroom, an art studio or even a den or salon. Some folks even add a Murphy bed to another bedroom, often a child’s bedroom, to provide an easy solution for sleepovers.

Wall beds can be configured in many ways. A popular design features a unit that looks like a beautiful cabinet and bookcase suitable for any library, but very easily and quickly turns into a comfy guest bed by simply sliding the two bookcase sections aside.

Custom Murphy Bed frame behind a sliding bookcase

It provides a stunning piece of furniture and is very easy to operate. Other designs range from very simple, small bookcases which open to reveal a twin bed, two beds separated by a desk or cabinet for two separate sleeping places in one room, a shelving display unit that hides the mechanism behind bi-fold doors, or a bed that converts from a desk to a bed and back again without having to move things off the desk to utilize the bed.

Bookcase Coverting To Murphy Bed

Selecting The Right Materials

Selecting the right finish is a very personal choice. Solid, gloss, matte, pattern and wood grain finishes (with or without texture) are available to suit almost any taste. We offer over 100 colors and choices, as a matter of fact. Some of our materials come from domestic sources, others are imported from around the world,  and they run the gamut from inexpensive to rather pricey,  but it’s highly likely that you can find something you really like that will fit your taste and your budget. A smart way to create a project that will be in line with your budget from the beginning of the process is to consider what features are most important and will help you achieve your goals for the room. With these things in mind, your design process will be enjoyable and go smoothly while you select just the right finish and style, decide on cabinetry and storage components (perhaps for bedding) and accessories, such as lighting.

If you have additional questions about Murphy beds or want to learn how they can fill your needs, please reach out to us and one of our experienced Designers will be happy to meet with you for a free, no obligation design consultation. You may well be surprised about at how affordable a truly custom designed project can be.