Murphy Bed Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: What are the types of Murphy beds available?
We offer 2 types of Murphy beds.

The Next Bed has a tubular steel constructed frame with a wear-resistant industrial powder coat finish. The with steam bent wood slat supports provide maximum comfort. The legs automatically extend as the bed is lowered. The cabinet can be outfitted with either a sliding bookcase, pivoting bookcase or bi-fold doors to conceal the frame and mattress.

The Alpha Bed has a heavy-duty steel frame, which sits on a wood panel so there is no need for additional doors. The leg folds over the top of the mattress to secure it when it is moving to the vertical position. As the bed is lowered the leg is to be folded down and under the bed.

Q: Is a mattress included?
No, the mattress should be purchased separately so you have the perfect mattress for your comfort. We ask that it is present the day of installation so that the tension of the spring system may be adjusted appropriately.

Q: Do I need to purchase a box spring?
No, the wooden slats on the Next Bed and panel on the Alpha Bed replace the need for a box spring.

Q: How do I select my mattress?
It is important to select a mattress that is composed in a way that will not result in “slumping” over time, which happens as a result of being stored vertically causing coils or layers of foam fall towards the floor. Additionally, some mattresses will be ruined by being stored on their end. The 2 types of mattresses which fair best for a Murphy bed are inner spring and memory foam.

Memory foam mattresses must have layers securely glued together to avoid delaminating when it is standing on its end.

Inner spring mattresses must use a continuous coil rather than pocket coils, and any other materials in the mattress must be securely attached to the inner spring.

Finally, the weight of the mattress is also an important factor in your decision making. A good limit is 100 pounds for a Queen mattress to ensure the cabinet will remain closed while in the upright position.

There are quite a few mattresses recommended for use in a Murphy bed system made by Sealy and Serta. For any mattress you are considering, you should contact the manufacturer to inquire about its use in a Murphy bed.

Q: How much weight will the frame and mechanism support?
Both mechanisms have been rated for a 2000 pound load capacity.

Q: What care or maintenance is needed?
There is no maintenance needed for the bed frame or mechanism. The only suggestion is to regularly rotate your mattress for balance and comfort.

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