How to Store Neckties: A Creative Solution

When it comes to men’s fashion, the necktie remains a timeless symbol of sophistication and elegance. Whether it’s a classic silk tie or a trendy skinny tie, proper care and storage are crucial for maintaining its pristine condition, ensuring it retains its shape and sheen over time. With a few simple practices, you can elevate your tie storage routine and preserve your favorite pieces for years to come.

Men's slide out tie rack in drawer

Invest in a Tie Rack or Hanger

One of the most efficient ways to store your ties is by using a dedicated tie rack or hanger. Too often ties are caught in the chaos of a closet – hanging from various places, or lost in the bottomless pit of the sock drawer. This can make finding the right tie for work or your next occasion a headache, especially when you’re trying to find something specific. Consider a slide-out tie rack, where you have plenty of space to hang and organize each tie by color, style, design etc. This option allows you to easily see and choose your tie quickly to finish off the perfect outfit. Opt for a high-quality tie rack that allows you to hang your ties individually, providing each tie with ample space to hang freely without any pressure or strain.

Men's closets with sliding tie rack

Avoid Overcrowding

It’s important to avoid overcrowding your tie storage space. When ties are crammed together, they are more likely to wrinkle and lose their shape. Make sure your tie rack or hanger has enough room for each tie to hang without touching or overlapping with other ties. This not only prevents damage but also allows for easy access and selection when choosing your tie for the day.

Slide out tie rack neatly organizing neckties Ties hung neatly on tie rack against a wall

Roll Ties for Easy Access

There are a lot of reasons why you might prefer to roll your ties instead of hanging them. For one, rolled ties can take up less space. Also, rolling ties can provide a better view of your collection, allowing you to choose the perfect tie for the outfit. At The Closet Works, we have clever custom solutions, like drawer inserts, specifically for rolled-tie storage. Storing your neckties in rolls can be a major space-saver. For tight closets, it might be the only viable solution. Just be sure to roll your ties loosely to minimize wrinkles!

Ties rolled up neatly in drawer inserts

Rotate Your Ties Regularly

To prevent permanent creases or folds from settling in, rotate your ties regularly. By alternating the ties you wear, you allow each tie to rest and return to its original shape. This simple practice not only extends the lifespan of your ties but also allows you to showcase a variety of styles, colors, and patterns in your wardrobe.

Storing and caring for your ties is an essential part of maintaining a polished and refined appearance. By investing in the right storage solutions, avoiding overcrowding, and making sure to alternate your tie collection, you can ensure that your ties remain in impeccable condition for any occasion. With these simple practices, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite ties for many stylish years to come.

It is also recommended as you add new wardrobe items like ties, to go through your existing ones and donate those which you no longer wear or need. The Closet Works can help facilitate this process for you.

At The Closet Works, our team of professionals can assess and assist you to find the right solution for all your custom accessory organizational needs. To learn more about how we can help, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation. Qualified personnel with years of industry experience are waiting to help answer any questions you may have.