Color Palette

We are proud to offer our clients a selection of 90 different colors, finishes and textures from which to choose. Our collections represent the latest offerings from some of the best and most respected brands in the industry.


Tafisa®, the largest melamine/particleboard production facility in North America, has an unmatched variety of choices in finishes colors and textures to delight even the most selective of buyers. We have culled Tafisa’s various collections to bring you over 40 of their most popular, unique and beautiful offerings.

Tafisa conforms to the most stringent environmental standards and is an industry leader in recycling and sustainable development. Tafisa’s panels are manufactured using 100% recovered and recycled wood materials, saving millions of trees a year, and are Carb Phase 2 compliant.

Tafisa products are world class in every way and the wide range of finishes available, coupled with their focus on providing materials suitable for even the most fashion forward interiors are amongst the reasons that Tafisa panels are so very popular with our clients.

Custom closet in dark wood color

Tafisa Colors

Monaco - L496

White Chocolate - L492

Milk Chocolate - L493

Dark Chocolate - L494

Autumn Leaves - L542

Latitude West - L532

Summer Breeze - L540

Latitude North - L530

Latitude East - L533

Spring Blossom - L543

Glacier White - L191

Almondine - L258

Black - L203

Ivory - L204

Brushed Aluminum - L474

Shadows - L201

Summer Drops - L202

Morning Dew - L763

Daybreak - L764

Slate - L228

Candlelight - L421

Chocolate Pear Tree - L444

Summer Flame - L420

Cappuccino Cherry - L458

Ruby Planked Maple - L478

Shiraz Cherry - L472

Desert Rose - L502

Frost Flower - L823

10 Tafisa Colors in Viva texture

This beautiful collection features 10 stunning new wood grain finishes that are all registered and embossed.

After Hours - M2010

Apres Ski - M2015

Casting at First Light - M2007

Stargazer - M2011

Sunday Brunch - M2005

Sunset Cruise - M2002

Weekend Getaway - M2003

Winter Fun! - M2004

Summertime Blues - M2013

Sugar On Ice - M2014


Panels available from Cleaf bring a truly spectacular European flair to our offerings. These Italian made panels are conceived and designed to provide sharp definition to spaces and volumes in leading edge interior applications.

The boards are 81” wide by 110” long allowing for some distinctive design possibilities and, when one considers the very beautiful colors and deeply textured surfaces, they make an exceptional choice for the discerning buyer.

Bathroom sink area in cleaf colors

Cleaf Colors

Carbone - LM08

City Oak - LM69

Java Chestnut - SO12

Oregon Pine - LK84

Ascari - LR25

Old Jack - SO13

Alboreto - LR27

Aspen Oak - LM67


Opera 3B has spent 40 years pursuing their goal to innovate and revolutionize their field to produce the highest aesthetic performance and scratch-resistant quality. With one and two sided high gloss panels in a variety of solid and woodgrain options, these products are perfect for large projects or just to add a “pop” of gloss on drawers fronts and doors. Also available are unique options with a stainless steel-look as well as mirrored panels, with diverse application options.

Mirrored doors on bedroom closets

Opera Colors

White - 300

Cream - 330

Mocaccino - 390

Grey - 360

Black - 420

Steel - 410

Dark Ebony - 430

Red - 340


StyleLite’s High Gloss finishes allow you to create a stunning, modern interior design with ripple-free finishes. Backed by a 10 Year Indoor Warranty, StyleLite high gloss panels are manufactured based on stringent internationally recognized quality standards. Use high gloss finishes in your next project and create a space that stands out from the rest.

Bedroom finished in StyleLite Color

StyleLite Colors

Alabaster - High Gloss

Arctic - High Gloss

Carbon - High Gloss

Champagne - High Gloss

Graphite - High Gloss

Lavato Oak - High Gloss

Sienna Teak - High Gloss

Silver - High Gloss

Tierra Elm - High Gloss


Wilsonart has been a trusted manufacturer of quality laminates for over 60 years. This company sets itself apart with world-wide distribution in over 100 countries and dedication to providing industry-leading products.

We have discerningly selected a collection of 6 colors and textures that we feel are the most unique and beautiful options they offer.

Pantry finished in Wilsonart color

Wilsonart Colors

Fawn Cypress - 8208K

Neo Walnut - 7991

Phantom Charcoal - 8214K

Phantom Ecru - 8212K

Vapor Strandz - 4939K

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