Organizing Your House for Guests: A Checklist

Houseguests are coming! It’s true – the holidays are the most common time of the year people have hordes of loved ones over. Prepping for houseguests can be overwhelming because who doesn’t want to be the perfect host? Perfection is overrated, however – it’s the effort and the atmosphere of tranquility created that counts the most.

Here is a simple checklist for you to use when expected (or unexpected) relatives and friends drop by – we know it will help put your mind at ease!

Murphy bed wall unit closed in living room area for guests    Murphy bed wall unit closed in living room area for guests

Houseguest Checklist:

Tip: Four pillows are ideal, adding a touch of hospitality reminiscent of a Bed and Breakfast.

  • Clean sheets!
  • Three towels. Two for the body and one for the face.
  • Chocolates on the pillows.
  • A welcome note to set the mood for their stay.
  • A whiteboard OR chalkboard with the Wi-Fi name and password included.
  • A water bottle, and two snacks you know they love.

Note: If you have a mini fridge in your guest space, feel free to stuff it full of goodies!

  • Two books and/or magazines to help them doze off.

Tip: If you can add a reading light, even better.

  • An eye mask and ear plugs.
  • Incense and/or candles to freshen up the place.
  • A box of tissues AND paper towels (one is for sniffles and the other, for spills).
  • Fresh flowers or a plant will add a bit of life to the room.
  • What do guests most frequently forget? Their phone charger! Provide an Android and an iPhone charger (otherwise they’ll keep stealing yours).
  • Closet space with hangers and a luggage rack to keep their items off the floor.
  • A mirror.

Tip: A makeup vanity with a hidden storage compartment is tres chic.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget a full-length mirror, too!

If you have a guest traveling on a budget, they probably weren’t able to bring many toiletries. Try providing some of the following:

    • Toothpaste
    • Toothbrush
    • Mouthwash
    • Floss
    • Loofah or wash cloth
    • Razor
    • Face wash
    • Face Moisturizer
    • Body wash
    • Body lotion
    • Hairdryer

Tip: Travel sized versions of most of these items are available (and affordable)

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