The Closet Works Design Team

Meet our exceptional and experienced team of Designers who are ready to craft your perfectly organized space!

Barry The Closet Works Designer


Starting with The Closet Works in 1995 as an outside consultant, Barry officially joined the team as the production coordinator the following year. When a Design Consultant position became available 1998, he jumped at the chance to make the transition. Meeting with clients, getting to discuss their needs and desires for a specific space and then delivering something designed just for them is what he enjoys most. The ability to create order from chaos and to produce a finished product with care taken to make it both attractive and functional is a pleasure. Of his tenure, Barry says,” The Closet Works cares deeply about both its customers and its employees. That’s why a good number of the employees have been here for over 20 years. That’s why I’ve been here for over 20 years.”

Kyle The Closet Works Designer


An experienced interior and landscape designer with a fine arts education from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and SMFA at Tufts, Boston, Kyle is a new and valuable addition to the design team. Working for years as a Certified Professional Organizer allows her to understand organizational needs and obstacles and how to solve them. She works closely with her clients to understand their vision, their space, their ideas, and their stylistic preferences. Her designs emphasize clean lines and strong geometry, working well in a range of contemporary, art deco and rustic design styles. Her goal is always to exceed expectations, leaving customers ecstatic about their completed project and dreaming about the possibilities for the next.

Shelley The Closet Works Designer


Shelley has been with the organization industry since 1990, joining The Closet Works team in 1995. She has meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful organizational ideas that optimize function. She has a unique ability to solve complex problems for any type of project. With over 30 years of experience in the organization field, there is no project, large or small, that she has not undertaken.

Steve The Closet Works Designer


Joining The Closet Works in 1997 as an Installer gives Steve a unique perspective and well-rounded approach to design and problem resolution. Steve was promoted to the role of Installation Manager but eventually felt that the best fit for his skills, personal goals and interests was in becoming a Designer 9 years ago. His experience in the field working with the materials and new designs every day gives him a distinct edge in creating beautiful designs that can be installed with beautiful results.

Susan The Closet Works Designer


In the 20 years prior to working for The Closet Works, Sue sold furniture at Roche Bobois in the Philadelphia Marketplace, using her knowledge in furniture, kitchen and bath design and flooring. Sue acquired an entirely new set of skills in her work at The Closet Works for the last 6 years. Designing floorplans by finding the placement of units based on the available space with a focus on creating functional and beautiful room is what she considers most enjoyable in her work. The most rewarding part, she’ll tell you, is consulting with clients, fulfilling their needs and seeing customers delighted with the results.

Tara The Closet Works Designer


Tara, originally from North Carolina, is a graduate of the Corcoran School of the Arts with an MFA in Production Design. She has designed for film, television and theater for over seven years and recently made the transition into closet and organizational design. She has a broad set of skills and specializes in the optimization and efficient use of available space. Working at The Closet Works allows her to help people become organized and get the most out of their time spent at home. She has a passion for arts, film and design.

Egor Garber

Egor has a wealth of experience in working closely with clients to create functional and stylish closet solutions. With a background in furniture design, Egor brings a unique perspective to every project. Passionate about his work, he is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring that his customers receive the best possible experience. Egor’s expertise and commitment make him a go-to professional in the world of closet design.

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