The Pantry – Closet Designs to Get Organized Now

Having a pantry is a kitchen dream, one that allows you to efficiently organize your food and culinary accessories in one location.  Most people struggle with having enough space in their existing kitchen cabinetry. It’s not unusual to find items at the back of a shelf, long forgotten, or frantically digging around trying to find a particular spice or special ingredient that makes your dish perfect. No matter the situation, we can all agree that having a system of organization within the kitchen is a necessity.  Finding the right Pantry Closet Design can be easy. If your space doesn’t fit your needs, take the initiative and make a change that does work for you. Organizing your pantry is the only way to keep everything you need within reach, and reduce the hassle and frustration of not knowing where things are.

Pantry Design Ideas

The Closet Works has a passion for organization and pantries are no exception! We help you design a storage space that will offer you ease of use and time savings too. A well-planned pantry can offer you all you need without having to move items around in search – imagine having what you need when you need it! Cooking and entertaining, feeding your family and friends – it all becomes more of a joy and less of a chore.

Not only are food items easier to access, but other essentials are at your fingertips too – tablecloths and place settings for the right occasion, extra serving dishes, and more can be right where you need them in a well-designed pantry. Whether you need a design that incorporates a lazy susan, organized drawers, wire baskets, or shelves, our thoughtful kitchen pantry design process helps you create a pantry that works for you. 

Accessories to Choose From

U shaped walk-in pantry finished with white wood

Walk-in pantries need the most organization due to the nature of size and since no two pantries are alike, we offer an array of accessories to make your pantry work for you.  

Adjustable shelves are great for storing food items of varying sizes. Try setting your shelf heights for commonly-stored goods like drink bottles, soup cans, and cereal boxes. 

Pantry with slide out wire baskets holding snacks neatly organized

There are always bulk items or strange-shaped items in your pantry that are difficult to place. Sliding baskets are a great solution! Perfect for storing bagged goods like chips or beans, fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes, or even non-stackable storage containers, sliding baskets make for a great space to keep organization for your hard-to-store items.

Custom kitchen pantry design with lazy susan

A Lazy Susan is a great way to not only utilize corner space but also optimize it. With rotating shelves, you’re able to put a wide variety of items like spices and condiments, baking supplies, or other kitchen items that may not be used as frequently.

Vertical slide out drawers in kitchen pantry holding trays and tablecloths

And for other kitchen supplies like tablecloths or baking and cookware, slide-out tablecloth storage and vertical storage slots should do the trick!

At The Closet Works, our team of professionals can assess and assist you to find the right solutions for your organizational needs. To learn more about the organization and how an effective custom storage solution can transform your home, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation. Qualified personnel with years of industry experience are waiting to help answer any questions you may have.