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What to Expect During Your Free Remote Or In-Home Design Consultation

One of our highly trained and very experienced designers will speak to you over the phone or online (with or without video) and listen. It’s our first priority to find out exactly what you want and need. We consider your available space, your specific requirements, and your personal taste and style in order to craft a custom design just for you.

During this stage, we’ll be asking lots of questions. Our designers will learn as much as possible in order to develop the custom solution that will truly meet your needs.

We prepare a computer generated drawing that will detail the various aspects of the design to help you visualize our concepts. Then we will come to your home or office at a later date to gather exact measurements and finalize.

Unlike some competitors, we will leave our concept drawings with you (or email them to you if we don’t create them during our initial visit) so you can review them at your leisure or compare them if you wish to designs provided by others. We have confidence in both the viability of our designs and the competitiveness of our pricing so we have no compunctions about providing you with all the information for your thorough review.

Still not sure if this is the right step for you?