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Custom Closet Organization in Ardmore, PA

Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
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Why Closet Works?


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The Philadelphia 5 Counties
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Serving the Philadelphia 5 Counties

Custom Closet Organization in Ardmore, PA

Closet organization sounds simple enough, but even with the most extensive custom closet built to accommodate your uniquely extensive wardrobe, you can get a little clothes-happy and clutter quickly gains control of your space. Whether you refuse to let go of your favorite jeans that may someday fit, or view your clothes as keepsakes and memories that should not be tossed, a cluttered closet is never a good look. Our experienced closet designers are ready to give you some great advice regarding how to clear clutter and achieve an organized closet in your Ardmore home.

Closet Design Experts

Optimize your closet space by choosing one of the unique closet designs created by The Closet Works. It can work wonders in enhancing your usable closet space. Often, even with an average sized closet, an outstanding designer can increase useful storage two or even three fold by employing a cleverly conceived walk in closet design.

Now that you have a beautiful custom walk-in closet in your Ardmore home, one of the simplest ways to create clutter-free closet organization is to use uniform hangers. To counteract the variation of your colorful wardrobe and organize your closet, keep your hangers the same. It might surprise you how coordinating your hangers will instantly streamline your Ardmore home closet.

Let’s Personalize Your Closet

We understand that each individual’s needs and wants are different, so at The Closet Works, when we set out to design a closet we take great pride in fully customizing each of our closet designs to perfectly reflect your own specific requirements. By drawing upon years of experience and a wealth of custom closets ideas, we fashion a final result that is both an efficient and highly personalized closet organizing system that would exceed your expectations.

With a new custom closet in your Ardmore home, you can organize your clothes and accessories by color. If your custom closet has separate sections for distinct products – one rack for coats, another for sweaters – this solution would work perfectly for you. In each section, you can group all like colors together, bookending with black and white. It will give your closet that boutique-y feel.

Experienced in expanding storage options within Closet Systems

How can you maximize the amount of space in your Ardmore home closet so that you always find what you looking for? With Closet Works, you will find a wide range of solutions for any type of clothing or accessory you own in your closet system. To help expand storage options in your closet, we provide unique storage accessories such as closet rods, drawer inserts, baskets, valet bar, tie racks, belt racks and many more. In addition to these features, we can easily customize your closet space to include more of what you need. With over 25 years experience in closet design, closet systems and closet organization, there’s no limit to what we can do to help personalize your storage so you never lose anything again. 


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